German ‘heiress’ Anna Sorokin, 31, rather be in prison in Unites States than free in Germany

German ‘heiress’ Anna Sorokin, 31, rather be in prison in Unites States than free in Germany

Fake German ‘heiress’ Anna Sorokin would rather fight her deportation status while in ICE custody at an upstate prison than go back to Germany as a free woman, her lawyer says.

Attorney Duncan Levin told they been actively appealing her conviction, and while this is happening Sorokin has made the choice to fight for her freedom behind bars.

‘Anna has served all of her time on her criminal matter and is now fighting not only to vindicate her name in that case, but also fighting the federal government, which has locked her up and is trying to deport her based on her conviction,’ Levin said.

‘We are appealing her conviction based on a number of procedural and substantive errors in her trial, and she has a very strong case.’

‘While the criminal appeal process is underway, she is making the difficult choice to remain here in the United States behind bars fighting her deportation as well instead of having to engage in her appeals from afar — even though she would be doing so as a free person.’

The 31-year Russian-born con artist, who has been detained at an ICE in upstate New York for the last year, tried to apply for asylum in the US but her plea was denied.

Her lawyers have launched a series of appeals in an attempt to stop her from being booted out of the country.

On February 17, 2022, a deportation order was issued for her to be sent back to Germany. Her attorneys issued an appeal and they got a 30-day extension.

Anna Sorokin in a March 2022 photo at the Orange County Detention Center in Goshen, NY

In an emailed statement to Fox News Digital Sorokin said: ‘I don’t see a reason why I should be banned forever while so many violent offenders get released by ICE on daily basis.’

She said most of her friends and support system are in the states and said they all want her to ‘succeed.’

She continued: ‘I can’t wait to put my ICE issues behind me and finally get a chance to take back control of my story.’

Regarding her citizenship, Sorokin said she ‘will decide the best course of action’ on immigration matters with her lawyers ‘depending on the progress of the case.’

Levin said Sorokin’s legal team plans to file a ‘very strong appeal’ soon.

He added: ‘She is fighting that so that she can stay in the United States. So now she is fighting the deportation proceeding.

‘She is very optimistic about our case that we have for us and remains upbeat,’ Levin said of Sorokin.

‘[A]nyone who takes a deeper look into this case can see the problems that led to her conviction. And she certainly fears that. I think he’s optimistic about the road ahead.’

In March 25, 2021 she was rearrested for overstaying her visa in the US and has since been languishing at the Orange County Correctional Facility in Goshen, New York.

In November 2021, a Board of Immigrations Appeal ‘granted Sorokin’s emergency stay request, pending removal.

In 2019, Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, high society life came to a stunning halt after she was charged on multiple fraud charges after being found guilty by a Manhattan jury.

She was sentenced to four to 12 years in prison. After serving nearly four years, she was released in February 2021 for good behavior.

In no time the German ‘heiress’ went back to her previous posh lifestyle.

She rented a swank apartment in Chelsea, and did the media circuit boldly telling one reporter ‘crime pays, in a way.’

She also signed a deal with Netflix to advise on its production of ‘Inventing Anna.’ A judge allowed the jailbird to sign the lucrative deal as a way to pay back her victims.

Six weeks after enjoying the lap of freedom, se was arrested by immigration agents for allegedly overstaying her visa and has been in ICE custody in upstate New York ever since.

‘I lived out most of my adult life in NY and a lot of my friends and support system are based in the US,’ Sorokin said.

Sorokin said she has ‘a great network of people in place who support’ her. When Fox asked if she had any concerns about establishing professional connection in New York City if she were to be released.

Her response was that she is ‘constantly receiving various offers and introductions.’

On Friday, Sorokin launched her solo art exhibit titled, ‘Allegedly’ at the Public Hotel in New York City. She attended virtually, according to Juda Engelmayer of Herald PR.

‘I’m very excited about my first real collection of 21 sketches that are autobiographical and touch on a variety of topics,’ Sorokin said. ‘I put a lot of thought in these works and each one has a layered meaning.

Anna Sorokin is seen in court at her 2019 sentencing on multiple fraud charges

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