German Artist Turns Down Sony World Photography Award After Admitting AI Creation

German Artist Turns Down Sony World Photography Award After Admitting AI Creation

...By Solomon Thomas for TDPel Media.

Boris Eldagsen, a German artist, has declined a Sony World Photography Award he won in the creative open category, after admitting that the image he submitted was generated by artificial intelligence (AI).


In a statement on his website, the artist said that he applied to the competition to see if they were prepared for AI images to enter and concluded that they were not.

He also questioned whether AI-generated images and photography should compete in the same category as they are “different entities” and that “AI is not photography”.

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Therefore, he refused to accept the award.

A Cheeky Monkey Exposes Flaws in the System

Boris Eldagsen admitted to entering the competition as a “cheeky monkey” to see whether the competition was ready for AI-generated images to enter.

His entry, Pseudomnesia: The Electrician, was awarded a Sony World Photography Award in the creative open category, but Eldagsen declined the prize.

He claimed that the organisers were aware of how his image was created when they informed him of his win but failed to reveal that it was made using AI.

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He published a detailed account of the conversations he had with the award organisers, where he repeatedly asked why they did not initially disclose that his image was made using AI.

The Difference Between AI Images and Photography

Eldagsen argued that AI-generated images and photography are “different entities” and should not compete with each other in the same category.

He added that AI is not photography and, therefore, should not be considered as such.

The artist also noted that the phrase “pseudomnesia” means “fake memories” in Latin, which highlights the artificial nature of the image he submitted.

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Overall, Eldagsen’s decision to decline the Sony World Photography Award highlights the need for clarity and transparency in competitions that involve AI-generated images.

While AI is becoming increasingly prevalent in the creative arts, it is important to recognise the difference between AI-generated images and traditional photography.

This incident also exposes the need for clearer rules and regulations around the use of AI in photography competitions.

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