General Manager at a Consulting Firm – General Manager

General Manager at a Consulting Firm – General Manager – TDPel Jobs

Job Description
You will be required to:

Design strategies to ensure total guest satisfaction.
Develop an annual business plan.
Ensure the highest standards of professional services to customers.
Initiate cost-effective controls and revenue management techniques.
Prepare, review, and assess monthly or periodic financial statements.
Create a brand image for the hotel.
Develop strategies for organizing, staffing, planning, and executing functionalities.
Provide training for hotel staff in delivering care that meets the best standards and practices.
Develop day-to-day operations and functions of a hotel ensuring total guest satisfaction.
Maintain and manage hotel equipment, infrastructure, inventories, and other facilities efficiently.


A minimum of 2 years in the hotel industry
Must possess strong marketing skills
Should have good knowledge of Abuja environs and its local language.
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