Release of Gangster Involved in Schoolgirl’s Murder Sparks Controversy and Calls for Justice

Release of Gangster Involved in Schoolgirl’s Murder Sparks Controversy and Calls for Justice

...By Muyiwa Aderinto for TDPel Media.

Controversy Surrounding Release of Targeted Gangster in Murder of Olivia Pratt-Korbel

Concerns Over Safety and Bounty Placed on His Head


The release of Joseph Nee, the intended target in the tragic murder of schoolgirl Olivia Pratt-Korbel, has sparked controversy and raised concerns about his safety.

Nee, who was shot in the chest and chased into Olivia’s home by hitman Thomas Cashman, had been serving a prison sentence for previous crimes before being recalled to jail following the killing.

However, Nee’s prison term ended earlier this month, and he has been released back into society.

Nonetheless, reports suggest that he has been warned to stay away from Liverpool due to fears that dangerous individuals have put a price on his head.

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 Criminal History and Gang Connections Revealed During Cashman’s Trial

During the trial of Thomas Cashman, it was revealed that Joseph Nee had a long criminal history, including involvement in drug dealing and organized crime.


The court learned about Nee’s links to criminal activities and how his family had enemies.

Following Olivia’s murder, Nee was arrested for breaching the terms of his parole and was recalled to prison.

Despite being on parole during the time of the ambush, Cashman targeted Nee, resulting in the tragic death of Olivia.

Parole Board’s Decision and Nee’s Choice to Remain in Prison

Joseph Nee’s case underwent a review by the Parole Board, which assessed the recall and considered his potential release.

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The panel ultimately decided to keep Nee in jail for the remainder of his sentence, stating concerns about his criminal history and involvement in organized crime.

Interestingly, Nee chose not to appeal the decision and believed that he was safer in prison than outside, given the threats he faced.

The Parole Board’s notes indicate a clear indictment of Nee’s criminal activities and refute his claims of being an innocent victim.


Deep Involvement in Organized Crime and Risk Assessment

The Parole Board’s summary highlights Joseph Nee’s deep involvement in organized crime, particularly within drug gangs in the Merseyside area.

They describe him as a professional criminal with a history of gang-related violence and identify his impulsivity, poor decision-making, and difficulties in coping with problems as areas of concern.

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The reports within the dossier do not support his release, emphasizing the risks associated with his criminal behavior.

Commentary: The release of Joseph Nee has sparked public debate and raised questions about the justice system’s handling of his case.

The tragic death of Olivia Pratt-Korbel and the circumstances surrounding her murder continue to evoke strong emotions.

The concerns about Nee’s safety and the alleged bounty on his head add further complexity to an already distressing situation.

Joseph Nee (left), 36, was shot in the chest and chased into the Liverpool home of Olivia, nine, by drug dealing hitman Thomas Cashman (right) in August 2022. Nee has now been freed from jail focus now shifts to ensuring justice for Olivia and addressing the broader issues surrounding organized crime and its impact on communities.


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