# Funding is one of the barriers to Healthcare Development

Africa’s richest, Dangote, has agreed to the notion that funding is one of the barriers to healthcare development in the country

Speaking during the virtual Bloomberg New Economic Forum (NEF), at a session hosted by the Dangote Group, titled, “Cross-Sector Mobilisation in Times of Crisis: Public Health Perspective”, he said  “Yes, It is more to do with funding. Like what we are doing in Nigeria as a foundation (Aliko Dangote Foundation), we are trying to sponsor a bill to our Congress where we want them to impose a tax. This is a separate tax, not a corporate tax, of maybe about one per cent of all our profits, in the private sector, so that they will fund health.

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And I think it is the only way; we cannot just leave government alone. Government alone cannot fund health. So we the foundations, the private sector and then the government, we have to actually work together to make sure that we fund health.”

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