From Hobby to Full-time Job: Woman Recreates Miniature Sets from Beloved TV Shows

From Hobby to Full-time Job: Woman Recreates Miniature Sets from Beloved TV Shows

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Bridget McCarty, a Los Angeles artist, has transformed beloved TV show apartments into mini-sets of incredible detail, including those from Friends, Frasier, and Full House.


With a significant following on Instagram, McCarty wows fans with masterpieces that take up to 80 hours or even a few months to create.

She has recreated numerous sets from Friends, with one set focusing on the purple front door and kitchen, complete with fake fruit and plants.

Another set showcases the famous Central Perk coffee shop, with Gunther’s coffee counter and Ross’ pet monkey, Marcel, making an appearance.

McCarty also recreated Dr. Frasier Crane’s apartment from the show Frasier, featuring a nearly identical furniture set seen on the show and an outdoor city view of Seattle.

In an interview, she revealed that her secret to creating the sets was a lot of hot glue, wood, and paper.

She gets inspiration for her sets by visiting craft stores and revealed that her inspiration for creating the sets came from her grandma, who was known for carrying tiny objects with her.


McCarty initially started making the 13 by 11-inch sets as a hobby, but it eventually became her full-time job when people started to purchase her work.

Her sets are so detailed that fans marvel over them, with some projects taking up to two months.

Her creations also include sets from Stranger Things, Rugrats, Monsters Inc., Harry Potter, Halloween, The Addams Family, and more.

She released a video of Will Byers’ living room from season one of Stranger Things, which blew fans away with its attention to detail.


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