Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned of nuclear use if conventional weapons threaten the state

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned of nuclear use if conventional weapons threaten the state

Even as the Russian strongman gets ready to announce the takeover of Ukrainian territory, one of Vladimir Putin’s attack dogs has ratcheted the nuclear sabre once more.

Former Russian President Dmitri Medvedev claimed that Russia has the right to deploy nuclear weapons “if the use of conventional weapons threatens the very survival of our state” in one of his now-regular rants on the Telegram messaging app.

And it’s definitely not a bluff, he continued.

The grim warning comes as the British Ministry of Defence determined that it was a “realistic probability” that Putin would announce the annexation of independent Ukrainian regions on Friday, September 30, after the occupants had staged bogus elections.

Today’s scheduled referendum results in the areas of Russia-controlled Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson are expected to confirm the democratic farce’s prediction that the regions will ‘vote’ to join Russia.

It is feared that Putin will assert that integral Russian land is under attack if and when Ukraine attempts to liberate it, justifying the deployment of nuclear weapons in “self-defence,” as a result of the fast rush to incorporate Ukrainian territory into Russia proper.

Following Putin’s bravado during a televised address last week in which he declared a partial mobilisation of Russian men, the most recent nuclear annihilation threat was made.

He threatened to launch a nuclear attack if he believed that Russia’s “territorial integrity” was in danger during his speech.

When asked about Western predictions of “catastrophic consequences for Russia” if they utilized nuclear weapons on the Ukrainian battlefield, Medvedev dismissed them and said he believed them to be bluffs.

Even in this circumstance, I think NATO won’t enter the battle directly. Because of this, he stated, “the fate of the perishing Ukraine is considerably less essential to the North Atlantic Alliance than the security of Washington, London, and Brussels.”

Biden and Truss demand that Russia take its hand off its “nuclear button” while spitting Atlantic bile.

Together, they frequently warn us that using nuclear weapons by Russia would have “terrifying” repercussions.

And the young London aunt [Truss] is fully prepared to start an exchange of nuclear attacks with our nation right away.

Analysts view the efforts to mobilize the Russian populace and hasten the passage of phony referenda in the seized territories as desperate ploys, which were sparked by public reservations expressed by Putin’s important allies India, China, and Turkey during a summit two weeks ago.

The announcement of the partial mobilisation has seen thousands of men called up to fight in the Russian army, along with chaotic scenes of Russians streaming out of the country, protests in the regions and unruly drinking and brawling by fresh conscripts.

‘Russia’s leaders almost certainly hope that any accession announcement will be seen as a vindication of the ‘special military operation’ and will consolidate patriotic support for the conflict,’ the British MoD wrote in their daily briefing.

This aspiration will probably be undermined by domestic unease over the partial mobilization last week and growing domestic awareness of Russia’s recent battlefield setbacks.

The UK government condemned the sham referenda ‘held at the barrel of a gun’ and said they will never recognise the results.

During fake referendums in the occupied Ukraine, armed police canvassed votes door to door while mercenaries with guns watched over polling places.

Kremlin officials, military police, and hired guns kept a close eye on the process, however, just to be safe. Ukrainian politicians claimed that they were breaking down doors to force people to cast ballots.

Several towns under Russian occupation, according to Serhiy Haidai, the governor of occupied Luhansk, have been completely sealed off to ensure that people vote, with any crosses in the “no” column being recorded in a “notebook.”

A staggering 97% of people in two of those regions, Donetsk and Luhansk, have reportedly expressed support for joining Russia, according to state media.

Ballot boxes have also been opened across Russia itself, purportedly to allow displaced Ukrainians to vote, but in reality give more potential for vote fraud.

As a result of the mobilization call’s extreme unpopularity, hundreds of thousands of Russian men have already left their country.

All flights leaving Russia are fully booked, and there are massive traffic jams near the country’s borders that can be seen from space.

Across the nation, anti-war demonstrations have broken out, and Russian media have reported an increase in the number of arson attacks on military recruitment centers. Yesterday, a man who refused to be drafted shot an enlistment officer almost point blank.

A bizarre lecture on people escaping Putin’s rule from fellow autocrat Alexander Lukashenko today only served to increase Putin’s discomfort.

The Belarusian president assured Putin that he would win his war in Ukraine despite the mounting unrest over his decision to mobilize 300,000 new troops. The Belarusian president needed Putin’s assistance to put an end to a pro-Western democratic movement in his country in 2020.

The head of the Kremlin appeared hunched and uneasy while speaking sparingly at the meeting in Sochi as Russians continue to oppose his mobilization order or leave the country to avoid being drafted.

Putin cracked a rare smile when Lukashenko remarked, “Our course is right, and our cause is right.”

“We’ll prevail. We are without other options. He was told by Lukashenko that humiliation would not be tolerated by Slavs.

However, footage showing the mobilization and call-up process has completely embarrassed the Russian dictator.

They depict reluctance conscripts hitting the bottle and driving themselves insane at recruitment centers and staging areas as military leaders try to corral them before boarding buses and airplanes.

Several clips show Russian recruits getting wasted as they get ready to ship out for two weeks of basic training before being sent to the front lines, in what is quickly emerging as a popular subgenre of Russian war videos.

A Russian conscript is seen passing out in the grass next to a runway in one video while others stumble to catch the plane, and in another, a drunken group tries to fight as the bus waits for them.

‘Shut your mouths! Why are you all yelling?’ a recruitment officer bawls at the new arrivals in yet another video.

‘Why are YOU yelling?’ comes a reply.

‘Stop yelling, let him speak,’ another recruit says.

‘That’s it! Games over! You’re all military now!’ The policeman yells.

Although the 300,000 additional troops to be raised by the partial mobilization are only supposed to be called up from among Russian men with military experience, the age distribution and sheer number of men suggest that a much larger draft may actually take place.

»Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned of nuclear use if conventional weapons threaten the state«

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