Former Protestant takes final vows as cloistered nun in Spain

Her sense of having a vocation was slowly growing, and at first she thought that she would become a Carmelite sister and enter the Carmelite monastery in Singapore.

However, finding her vocation as a Dominican was a gift from the universality of the Church.

Being a flight attendant allowed her to travel frequently to Rome, and she took the opportunity to pray at the tomb of Saint Catherine of Siena, who is buried in Santa Maria sopra Minerva. 

She also frequented the Missionaries of Charity, who introduced her to the Dominican priest who said daily Mass for them. It was he who put her in contact with the Dominican community in Singapore, where she met some Spanish Dominicans, one of whom was from Segovia and put her in contact with the women’s branch of the Order of Preachers in Spain.

Sister Evelyn explained how responding to her vocation has made her happy: “When I make my response to God and agree with his will, I feel happy. I’m a sinner, but God wants me to act as a sentinel before the world to say ‘God is there, God exists, there is eternity’. I don’t have to talk much, but the existence of a cloistered nun can do more than if I were in the world, for her life of prayer, her life of charity with her sisters … And although many people neither understand our vocation nor know of our existence, the vocation of the cloistered nun in the monastery is like the heart of a man, it’s not visible like the hands, the eyes… but it is vital for the man to live.”

Although it wasn’t easy for Evelyn’s family to accept her vocation, “they do now because they know I’m happy here.”

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