Former England footballer criticizes FIFA’s World Cup in Qatar decision

Former England footballer criticizes FIFA’s World Cup in Qatar decision

A former England player who intends to come out as gay has criticized FIFA’s decision to hold the World Cup in Qatar.

It has been disclosed that the celebrity may discuss his sexuality on live television.

He believes that Qatar’s anti-LGBT position should have disqualified the country from hosting the World Cup.

A source told the Sun, ‘He believes it was a mistake to have the competition in a country that criminalizes homosexual relationships.

‘Of course England will participate, but he doesn’t hold it against them. He is pleased that the current team will support the LGBTQ movement, and that captain Harry Kane will wear the OneLove rainbow armband.

The person stated that he thinks there will be demonstrations against Qatar’s anti-homosexuality stance.

Earlier this month, Gary Lineker stated that two gay Premier League footballers were considering coming out during the competition.

He stated that revealing their sexual orientation would send a “powerful message” to Qatar.

Due to Qatar’s strict Islamic leaders, same-sex relationships are prohibited.

Amnesty International has also demanded Fifa to compensate Qatari stadium employees with at least £350 million for the ‘human rights violations’ they have endured.

Human Rights Watch stated in a study released on Monday that police in Qatar arbitrarily detained and abused members of the LGBTQ community ahead of next month’s World Cup.

Homosexuality is prohibited in this Gulf state.

HRW stated that between 2019 and 2022, it has “recorded six cases of severe and repeated beatings and five cases of sexual harassment in police custody.”

The most recent incident occurred in September, according to the US-based rights group.

Four transgender women, one bisexual woman, and one gay male each described how they were arrested in an underground prison in Doha by officers of the Preventive Security Department of the interior ministry.

There, inmates were subjected to verbal and physical abuse, including slapping, kicking, and punching until they bled, according to HRW.

“One woman reported losing consciousness.” In addition to verbal abuse and coerced confessions, security agents denied inmates access to legal counsel, family, and medical care.

A bisexual woman from Qatar reported that she was thrashed till she “lost consciousness multiple times.”

A Qatari transgender lady was detained for two months and six weeks in an underground cell, according to the story.

“They beat me daily and shaved my head.” In addition, they forced me remove my shirt and photographed my breasts,’ she stated.

She stated that she had suffered from despair and lacked the courage to go out in public since then.

HRW stated that in every instance, detainees were forced to unlock their phones and had contact information for other LGBTQ individuals stolen.

Sexual activity outside of marriage and homosexual intercourse are both punishable by up to seven years in prison in the conservative Muslim state.

However, none of those apprehended reported being charged.

HRW stated that the six appeared to have been detained under a 2002 rule that permits up to six months of imprisonment without trial if there are “reasonable grounds to suspect that the prisoner has committed a crime,” including “violating public decency.”

A Qatari government official stated explicitly and unequivocally that the charges were baseless.

Qatar does not accept discrimination against anyone, and its policies and procedures are based on a dedication to the human rights of all individuals.

The official stated that the government had held discussions with HRW and other critical organizations, but that the most recent allegations were not brought to the government’s notice until they were reported in the media. We would have been able to disprove the charges if Human Rights Watch had contacted us.

The official stated that HRW’s lack of notification “undermines their professed commitment to relaying the truth.”

The rights group demanded that the Doha government “put an end to security force mistreatment of LGBT persons, including the cessation of any government-sponsored conversion programs.”

The Qatari official claimed that there are no ‘conversion centres’ in the country, although it does offer a rehabilitation center that assists people with behavioral issues such as substance dependence, eating disorders, and mood disorders.

HRW urged FIFA, the global governing body of football, to compel Qatar to initiate measures that protect LGBT people.

After the study was published, Qatar’s emir railed against a ‘unprecedented campaign’ of criticism over his country’s hosting of this year’s World Cup, stating on Tuesday that no other host nation has ever been subjected to such scrutiny.

Qatar was granted the World Cup by FIFA in 2010 and has spent tens of billions of dollars preparing for the competition, which begins on November 20.

However, the energy-rich Gulf state has been constantly scrutinized for its treatment of foreign labor and its dismal track record on LGBTQ and women’s rights

John Fashanu urges England to take the knee in Qatar for anti-racism AND gay rights

Fashanu has stated that homosexual fans should be permitted to be themselves during the competition.

He stated that taking the knee will convey that the squad opposes all types of prejudice.

If homosexual England supporters attend, the ex-footballer believes Qataris will become more educated on what it means to be LGBT.

He believes it could be an excellent opportunity for them to get insight.

In a speech, Qatar’s emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani stated, “Since we received the honor of hosting the World Cup, Qatar has been exposed to an unparalleled campaign that no host country has ever faced.”

The emir told Qatar’s legislative council, “We originally dealt with the subject in good faith, and even considered that certain criticism was positive and helpful in assisting us to develop elements of ours that need to be developed.”

‘However, it soon became evident to us that the campaign continues, expands, and involves fabrication and double standards, until it reached a level of ferocity that, sadly, caused many to question the campaign’s true goals and motivations,’ he said.

Energy-rich Qatar has spared no expense in its spectacular preparations for the first World Cup to be held in the Arab world, ensuring a lasting legacy for the country.

President of FIFA Gianni Infantino has stated that the Qatar World Cup, which will be held in an Arab country for the first time and is anticipated to attract at least one million foreign supporters, will be the “greatest ever.”

Since receiving the honor of hosting the event, however, the country’s human rights record and treatment of migrant workers have come under intense scrutiny.

Some football figures have been urged to boycott the tournament due to its record.

In recent weeks, Qatar’s World Cup organizers have increased guarantees that all supporters will be ‘welcome’ at the tournament.

LGBTQ rainbow banners will be permitted in and around stadiums, according to FIFA.

Several European team leaders, including England’s Harry Kane, have stated that they will wear ‘OneLove’ armbands during World Cup games to bring attention to human rights issues.

Despite calls to boycott the 2017 World Cup, French World Cup-winning hero Zinedine Zidane stated on Monday that it was time to “ignore the controversies and focus on the sport.”

Zidane stated that the emphasis should now be on the sport “for all those fans who simply want to watch football.”

“Whatever we say, it will never be enough, true, or the correct thing to say,” remarked Zidane, who was accompanied by his parents, his wife, and his children when he attended the presentation of his wax figure at a Paris museum.

Zidane, who contributed to France’s 1998 World Cup victory on home soil, served as an ambassador for Qatar’s successful bid to host the tournament.

In 2010, when FIFA announced that the little country would host the World Cup, he was “extremely thrilled” with the decision.

Gary Lineker also led a protest against Foreign Secretary James Cleverly’s statement that homosexual football fans should be’respectful’ of World Cup host Qatar.

In addition to homosexual behavior being banned, there are also harsh rules about drinking, drugs, public intimacy, extramarital relationships, dress codes, and profanity.

Peter Tatchell, a veteran activist, was prevented from organizing the nation’s first-ever LGBT+ demonstration.

Mr. Cleverly stated that Qatari authorities are aware that they will be required to make “some concessions” when football fans from around the world begin to arrive next month.

However, he also advised LGBT+ followers to “flex and compromise” in remarks that Labour swiftly labeled “shockingly tone deaf.”

Lineker, who is slated to host the BBC’s World Cup coverage, questioned Mr. Cleverly’s comments.

He tweeted, “Whatever you do, don’t do anything homosexual. Is this the meaning?’

Mr. Tatchell, who claimed he was arrested by Qatari authorities following his protest attempt, also responded to the Foreign Secretary’s remarks.

He requested that the government ‘raise its public voice to condemn the horrific violations of human rights’ in the Gulf state.

In addition to his remarks on homosexual football fans, the Foreign Secretary – who was reappointed to his position yesterday as part of new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Cabinet reshuffle — took aim at Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

Sir Keir stated last week that he would not travel to Qatar for the World Cup, regardless of whether England reached the final.

But Mr. Cleverly disclosed he would travel to the Middle East if he had the opportunity.

As opposition leader, he is in an ideal position to send messages. During an interview with LBC Radio, the Foreign Secretary stated of Sir Keir, “I’ve got actual work to do.”

Mr. Cleverly said he had not directly communicated with Qatari authorities over Mr. Tatton’s issue.

Foreign Secretary: “My understanding is that he was questioned, and he was supported by the FCDO’s consular personnel.”

I have previously spoken with Qatari officials LGBT football lovers attending the World Cup and how they will treat our fans and international followers.

They seek to ensure the safety, security, and enjoyment of football fans.

‘They are aware that this will need them to make concessions in light of the fact that this is an Islamic country with a vastly different set of cultural values than our own.

Please be courteous of the host nation, which is one of the things I would recommend to football fans.

They will attempt to ensure that individuals can be themselves and enjoy the game.

And I believe that with some flexibility and compromise on both sides, the World Cup can be safe, secure, and thrilling.

Later, Downing Street distanced itself from Mr. Cleverly’s remarks.

The official spokesperson for the Prime Minister stated that individuals should not be required to “compromise who they are.”

He continued, “The policies of Qatar are not those of the British government and are not ones we would support.”

When asked if he would attend the competition, Mr. Cleverly said he had to change his schedule due to the Cabinet reshuffle this week.

However, he continued, “I believe that if I am able to attend, I should go.”

Because it is a significant international event, there will be many of my foreign interlocutors in attendance, as well as a large number of British citizens living abroad.

One of the Foreign Office’s primary responsibilities is to protect British citizens traveling abroad.

Lineker’s post regarding Mr. Cleverly comes less than two weeks after the BBC determined that he had violated its impartiality rules with a February tweet about the Conservative Party having “Russian donors.”

The host of Match of the Day showed an article on then-foreign secretary Liz Truss’s call for Premier League teams to boycott the Champions League final in Russia with the quip, “And her party will return donations from Russian donors?”

Recently, he stated that he hopes a Premier League player will come out as gay during the World Cup in order to send a strong statement to Qatar.

Lucy Powell, Labour’s shadow culture secretary, responded to Mr. Cleverly’s remarks by stating, “This is extremely insensitive of James Cleverly. Sport must be accessible to all.

Due to Qatar’s record on human, worker, and LGBT+ rights, many fans will feel they cannot attend this tournament to support their team.

Instead of upholding discriminatory values, the government should challenge FIFA on how they’ve put supporters in this position and ensure the safety of all attendees.

Mr. Tatchell stated in a statement, ‘We received outstanding consular service following our protest. The British government must publicly condemn the everyday violations of human rights committed by the Qatari administration.

Qatar will have accomplished its goal of sports-washing its horrible reputation during the World Cup unless we all speak out.

Mr. Cleverly has the potential to call attention to the regime’s human rights violations.

All fans, not only LGBT supporters, should boycott the World Cup and utilize social media to highlight the appalling violations of human rights by the Qatari government.

Going to the World Cup is collusion with a dictatorship that is homophobic, misogynistic, and racist.

»Former England footballer criticizes FIFA’s World Cup in Qatar decision«

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