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Foods that are Safe to Consume Straight from Nature

There’s something so satisfying about eating fruit straight from the tree or the vine. Maybe it’s because it resonates with 200,000 years of human evolution. Or perhaps, our brains are still wired for life in the wild. Unfortunately, many fruits and vegetables today are contaminated with pesticides, harmful bacteria, and other unhealthy chemicals. So, if you’re looking to get in touch with your prehistoric human inside, stick to the foods below.


The thick skin of oranges and other citrus fruits protect the inside flesh from any contaminants from the outside. These are some of the safest fruits that you can eat off a tree. Even if you’re buying them from the grocery store, you can save a few bucks and skip the organic version.


Like oranges, bananas have a thick peel that no one eats. Of course, the challenge with banana trees is getting to the bananas or fighting with other animals for the ripe ones. For the most part, if you have access to a step ladder, bananas should be easy to find and eat off trees.


Papayas are another type of fruit that you can eat straight off the tree. Bring a knife with you, cut it in half, scoop out the seeds, and nosh away. Look for ones that are starting to turn yellow or aren’t fully green. You can also push the ends of the papaya to see if it’s ripe. The skin should give just a little bit, but not be mushy.


If you’ve ever traveled to tropical countries, you’ll see mango trees growing on the side of the road and families grow them in their backyards as well. People will often walk out into their yards, pick some mangoes, and head back in to make breakfast. These easy-peel fruits don’t even require a knife to open if they’re ripe enough!


This last fruit is only found in Malaysia and Thailand. You can’t climb the trees for it, but you can scour the ground. The spiky exterior is usually cracked by the time the fruit hits the ground. Crack it open with a knife and enjoy the soft, cheesy insides. Durians are known as the king of fruits. Their hard shells protect them from any sort of pesticides that people may spray on the trees. Beware though, this fruit is known for its pungent smell!

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