Florida GOP Rep Criticized for Sex Ed Bill Restricting Period Discussions

Florida GOP Rep Criticized for Sex Ed Bill Restricting Period Discussions

A proposed new bill in Florida has come under fire for its stringent crackdown on school sex education, including a ban on girls in fourth and fifth grade from talking about menstruation.

The bill, known as House Bill 1069 and put forward by Republican Stan McClain, seeks to limit sex education to children in the sixth grade and above.

McClain has admitted that this would have the effect of prohibiting younger girls from discussing menstruation at school.

During a recent hearing on the bill, State Rep. Ashley Gantt, a Democrat, asked whether this would also prevent girls in fourth and fifth grade from discussing menstruation if they began their periods at a younger age.

McClain confirmed that it would, although he later claimed that the bill would not punish younger girls who approached their teachers with concerns about periods.

McClain did say, however, that he would be open to amendments to the bill.

Despite controversy, the bill passed with a 13-5 majority. Critics of the bill have condemned it as ‘egregious,’ including Rep. Gantt, who voted against it.

Planned Parenthood has also spoken out against the bill, describing it as ‘ridiculous’ and an attempt by politicians to exert control.

This is not the first controversial education bill to pass in Florida. Last year, Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education Bill, which included a ‘Don’t Say Gay’ provision banning instruction on gender and sexuality issues in kindergarten through third grade.

Disney publicly opposed the bill, resulting in the removal of its self-governing status at its Orlando resort.

Florida is also seeking to ban doctors and nurses from providing gender-affirming care to transgender children, including puberty blockers and mastectomies.

Proponents argue that children under 18 should not make potentially permanent changes to their bodies, while critics say such care is essential for the mental health of young trans individuals.

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