Flight Attendant Slams “Bad Parenting” for Messy Plane Situations

Flight Attendant Slams “Bad Parenting” for Messy Plane Situations

...By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

American baseball star Anthony Bass recently criticized an airline for making his pregnant wife pick up their child’s snacks, even though their toddler left them on the floor.


This incident has sparked a debate among the public, with some saying that the mum should have kept their seats clean and not let their daughter throw food around.

Others argued that it is the airline’s responsibility to clean the plane after a flight, not the passengers’.

Little boy looking through airplane window
Little boy looking through airplane window

A former Emirates cabin crew member, Caroline Kneitz, weighed in on the topic and criticized ‘bad parenting’ for creating unhelpful situations.

Kneitz advises parents to treat public spaces as if they are rooms of their home and take care to keep the area clean, especially during long flights.

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Although she acknowledges that it is not the responsibility of the parents or flight crew to clean the plane at the end of a flight, she suggests that parents be mindful of the snacks they bring on board to avoid their children being “wild.”

Flight attendant guiding family at the airport
Flight attendant guiding family at the airport

Kneitz has seen many children on flights that are out of control, which she puts down to bad parenting.


She has witnessed parents filling their kids with soft drinks and sugar, which can lead to behavioral issues.

One mother even requested a coffee for her four-year-old with three sugars in it, causing the child to become uncontrollable shortly after drinking it.

Kneitz claims that as a crew member, she cannot educate customers, so she couldn’t do anything to address the situation.

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Another flight attendant suggested that people who do not know the children should tell them off.

According to the attendant, it’s more real for a child when they are addressed by a stranger.

Additionally, a Wizz Air crew member recommended choosing seats strategically when traveling with kids.

High traffic areas, such as the front and back of the plane, where the bathrooms are located, tend to be the most distracting areas.

Therefore, it is worth choosing seats that are less likely to cause stress and distractions.


Travel experts Mark and Jocelyn Wolters, who have traveled the world with their children for 16 years, advise parents to keep their children hydrated during flights by avoiding orange juice and fizzy drinks.

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They explain that dehydration is one of the primary causes of children’s upset on flights.

The experts suggest keeping children hydrated by giving them water and avoiding sugary drinks.

In summary, the debate about cleaning public spaces on planes after snacks have been dropped has brought up various opinions.

While some believe parents should clean up after their children, others argue that it’s the responsibility of airlines to clean up the plane after flights.

Flight attendants advise parents to be mindful of snacks, choose seats strategically, and keep children hydrated to prevent behavioral issues during flights.


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