Fixture Controversy between Mamelodi Sundowns and Maritzburg United

Fixture Controversy between Mamelodi Sundowns and Maritzburg United

...By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

Mamelodi Sundowns and Maritzburg United are facing a fixture problem that has stirred controversy.


Maritzburg, currently threatened with relegation, have an opportunity to secure their survival by defeating Stellenbosch FC and Mamelodi Sundowns.

However, the issue lies in the date change for the Sundowns match, as the Premier Soccer League (PSL) decided to move it forward by four days to accommodate the champions’ congested schedule.

Farouk Kadodia’s Displeasure

Maritzburg United’s chairman, Farouk Kadodia, is not pleased with the decision to reschedule the match.

Playing four days earlier than the other relegation candidates would provide a significant advantage, leading Kadodia to express his frustration.

He argues that all teams fighting for relegation should play on the same day to ensure fairness.

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Analysis and Commentary:

The fixture controversy between Mamelodi Sundowns and Maritzburg United raises concerns about fairness and equity within the league.


Rescheduling a crucial match in favor of the champions, despite its potential impact on the relegation battle, raises questions about the PSL’s decision-making process.

Kadodia’s strong opposition to the date change highlights the perceived disadvantage faced by his team and the potential consequences it may have on their survival chances.

The issue of fixture congestion is a common challenge in football leagues around the world, particularly for successful teams involved in multiple competitions.

Balancing the needs of top teams with the integrity of the competition and fairness for all participating clubs is a delicate task.

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In this case, the decision to accommodate Mamelodi Sundowns’ schedule has inadvertently created an imbalance that could affect the relegation battle.

Kadodia’s argument for having all relegation-threatened teams play on the same day has merit.

Ensuring a level playing field in critical matches is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the league and avoiding potential disputes.

The PSL should consider implementing measures to prevent situations where a team fighting relegation faces a significant disadvantage due to rescheduling.


While Kadodia acknowledges the league’s response regarding the pre-determined dates, his concerns regarding player safety and fairness in the relegation battle remain valid.

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The league should carefully evaluate the potential consequences of fixture changes, especially when they have a direct impact on the outcome of important matches.

In conclusion, the fixture controversy between Mamelodi Sundowns and Maritzburg United highlights the challenges faced by football leagues in managing fixture congestion and ensuring fairness.

The decision to reschedule the match has sparked criticism from Maritzburg United’s chairman, who emphasizes the need for equal treatment in the relegation battle.

The league should address these concerns to maintain the integrity of the competition and avoid any perception of favoritism toward top teams.


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