Filipina Woman Goes Viral for Wearing 2.5kg of Clothing to Avoid Luggage Fees

Filipina Woman Goes Viral for Wearing 2.5kg of Clothing to Avoid Luggage Fees

...By Roland Peterson for TDPel Media.

Woman Wears 2.5kg of Clothes to Avoid Excess Baggage Fees


We’ve all experienced the frustration of having our luggage exceed the weight allowance for our flight. Often, the only solution is to remove some items, which can be irritating when you’ve already carefully planned your wardrobe.

However, one woman from the Philippines, Gel Rodriguez, seems to have found a unique solution that allowed her to take more clothes on board than usual.

Gel’s Bag Exceeds Weight Allowance

In 2019, Gel’s bag was found to be over the seven-kilogram limit allowed on board. Airline staff told her that her bag weighed nine kilos and she would be charged for the excess.

However, Gel decided to avoid the fee and wear 2.5kg of clothing instead of packing it in her carry-on luggage.

Gel Layered Clothes to Reduce Suitcase Weight


Gel loaded herself up with multiple tops, trousers, and jackets and layered the items on top of one another until she reduced her suitcase weight to the allowed limit. She managed to go from nine kilos to 6.5 kilos by doing so.

Gel’s Reaction and Lessons Learned

Gel stated, “I didn’t want to pay the fee for the excess baggage because it was only two kilograms (4.4 lbs).” However, she mentioned that she wouldn’t do the same again since she was extremely hot due to wearing five t-shirts, three jackets, and three pairs of bottoms.

Others Have Tried to Trick Airline Staff

Gel is not the only person who has attempted to outsmart airline staff. TikTok user Larissa,, stuffed a neck pillow with clothing, allowing her to sneak an additional six kilograms of luggage onto the plane. She managed to save approximately £67 in baggage fees with the hack.


Many of us have experienced the annoyance of our luggage exceeding the weight limit for our flight. In response, Gel Rodriguez’s innovative solution to wear excess clothing instead of packing it in her carry-on luggage has been circulating on social media.

While it may seem like a unique idea, others have also attempted to trick airline staff to avoid excess baggage fees.


However, while it is tempting to circumvent these fees, it is important to remember that airlines have weight limits in place for safety reasons.

Overloading an aircraft could potentially lead to accidents, and complying with these rules is vital.

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