Fifth baby is delivered by NYPD officer

Fifth baby is delivered by NYPD officer

Recently, a Long Island police officer took on the role of a midwife and assisted in the safe delivery of a baby for the fifth time in his career.

According to a press statement from the Suffolk County Police Department on November 26, Sgt. Jon-Erik Negron was one of four officers that responded to a report of a lady having a baby at home in Shirley, New York.

According to the press release, “Seventh Precinct Officer Conor Diemer responded to a 911 call at 10:13 a.m. about a lady going into labor at her apartment.”

Rebecca Reyes, the mother, requested Diemar’s assistance and informed him that “she felt the baby was going to come out.”

The announcement said that Negron arrived to the scene soon after Diemar, along with Officers Jadin Rodriguez and Zachary Vormittag.

According to the press announcement, Reyes, 31, gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Owen at about 10:25 a.m.

Owen was born little over 10 minutes after the police officers responded to the call, and soon after his father Juan Maldonado, 46, entered the house.

After the baby boy was born, an ambulance crew showed up. According to the press release, they severed the baby’s umbilical chord and took both mother and infant to Stony Brook University Hospital in Stony Brook.

Negron began working with the police in 2013. He informed Fox News Digital over the phone that he gave birth to his first child in 2017.

Since then, despite switching hours, precincts, and jobs, he has helped with around one delivery year.

He said, “It’s one of those bizarre coincidences.” “Every time I worked and was working, I was sort of at the right place at the right time.”

Negron said that his colleagues and coworkers are perplexed by the fact that “the infants are simply following [him] at this point,” regardless of his schedule and location.

At this point, he quipped, “I may have to switch occupations [to midwifery].

Negron doesn’t have any biological kids. He did, however, mention that his abilities “may come in helpful” in the future considering that he had delivered five children.

He said that Diemar had announced over police radio that the mother didn’t believe she would make it to the hospital and that she needed to start pushing when he got at the site of little Owen’s birth.

Negron, who is now a supervisor, answered the call since he knew Diemar was “a very young cop” and hadn’t previously given birth. He gave Diemar credit for soothing Reyes and guiding her to concentrate on her breathing during the birth.

He told Fox News Digital that the kid was almost about to be delivered when he got there.

He said, “I simply sat down next to Conor [Diemar], and we just sort of walked her through it. “Within a few minutes, the baby was delivered, and we covered him in a blanket while checking on his respiration. Mother was doing well.

While Negron’s birth of baby Owen went well, not all of the babies she has delivered have had such a smooth start to life.

Negron initially gained widespread recognition when, according to the Associated Press, he saved the life of infant Bryce Pappalardo, who was unexpectedly delivered at home on August 22, 2017.

The first child Negron assisted with delivery, Pappalardo, was born with his umbilical chord wrapped around his neck and was still not breathing after the cord was cut.

Negron opened the infant’s airway with a syringe he discovered in the Pappalardo family’s kitchen, and the child then started breathing regularly.

As a token of appreciation, his parents, Jane and Mike Pappalardo, requested Negron to be the godfather of their kid.

Negron added that as part of his EMT training while attending the police school, he was given a film on birthing, albeit he never realized how much he would eventually need it.

He believed it was “never going to happen” at the time.

I was laughing at my pals and asking, “When are we going to have a baby?” he continued.

This week, he expressed his happiness at having “taken attention in that lesson.”

Negron said he joined the police department to give back to the neighborhood where he was raised.

You have the chance to engage with the public and make a good impression on them, regardless of how large or little the call is, he added.

He wants to make a positive impression on kids in particular.

»Fifth baby is delivered by NYPD officer«

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