Fiancé crushes woman to death

Fiancé crushes woman to death

After being viciously attacked and having her ribs shattered, a woman was crushed to death between a water tank and a vehicle driven by her gangster fiancé. She dreaded calling the police since they massively charged her.

After completing a mandatory minimum of two and a half years in prison for the murder of Alicia Little, Charles McKenzie Evans was released from a Victorian prison last year.

Evans was first accused by the police with killing Alicia, but he made a bargain with the prosecution to admit to reckless driving that resulted in death and neglecting to offer aid.

Alicia died in 2017 after Evans attacked her with his Toyota Hilux after years of frequent violence.

Alicia was prosecuted after being brutally attacked by Evans, and the Coroners Court of Victoria heard on Thursday that she had refused to disclose to police any incidences of domestic violence against her and her four children.

Even Alicia’s family, who were present in large numbers at the court, was unaware of the admissions up until this point.

According to Victorian State Coroner John Cain, Evans reported being assaulted by Alicia to the police on May 7, 2015.

Alicia could be heard screaming on the phone that she was having trouble breathing and pleading with Evans to stop holding her neck.

When the police came, they discovered Evans with bite marks, and Alicia with a black eye.

Alicia admitted to the police that Evans had her terrified and that she feared for her life.

After Evans knocked her to the ground and beat her, she defended herself by biting him.

Victoria Police accused Alicia of knowingly and carelessly inflicting harm and common assault despite Evans’ terrible history of domestic violence against his previous girlfriend in New South Wales.

In Victoria, a maximum term of 20 years in prison is imposed for willfully inflicting severe damage.

Alicia made a statement in which she claimed that she had been the victim of a number of violent assaults, including one in which Evans allegedly spat on her.

In order to defend Alicia’s violent spouse, police also obtained an intervention order against her.

Later, medical professionals would attest that Evans had fractured Alicia’s ribs during the alleged assault on him.

Even though the charges were ultimately dismissed that year in August, Judge Cain discovered that Alicia had lost all trust in the police and had never reported her partner again.

Outside of court, Alicia’s distraught family said they had been in the dark up until this point regarding the abuse she had endured at the hands of the police.

Alicia’s sister-in-law, Lauren Osborne, told Daily Mail Australia that they were unaware that Alicia had been prosecuted.

We’ve never heard anything like it. She said, “And we learned that she was entered into the police system as an aggressor, as the responder, from that allegation.

And each time a call was placed, she was listed as the reply, leading others to believe that she was the one who was the bad influence.

No changes to Victoria Police’s protocols regarding the way Alicia was handled have been made six years after a Royal Commission gave its findings about domestic violence problems to the force.

Ms. Osborne also criticized the OPP for holding off on conducting a murder trial against Evans.

He received a fairly nice deal from the OPP. We had a meeting with the OPP and were informed that we could ask a lot of questions, so we did,’ Ms. Osborne said.

The first thing they said was, “We need you to know that this won’t impact any choices that have already been made and that they were just here to please our family. ”

Prosecutors, according to Ms. Osborne, told them they had no role in the decision to dismiss the murder case when they were informed they were displeased with it.

“It’s not your case,” they said. “It may be a member of your family or a close friend of yours, but this case genuinely has nothing to do with you,” they stated. You just recognize the individual at issue,’ Ms. Osborne said.

The OPP would have been well aware of Evans’ history of domestic violence at the time the agreement was reached, according to lawyer John Herron, the father of killed Melbourne woman Courtney Herron, who spoke to Daily Mail Australia.

There is little question that this would have been included in the police brief. So, from the standpoint of the victim, it’s utterly unacceptable to keep repeating a sentence in which Evans served two years and nine months before being released. The general population won’t tolerate it, he added.

Additionally, the prosecution declined to file an appeal against the judgment, which Justice Lesley Taylor imposed in September 2019.

Not appealing. We were not permitted to take any action. No justification. We just reasoned that “s**t walks, money speaks,” Ms. Osborne added.

“They claimed to be here to comfort us.” They were essentially letting us rant before moving us aside.

According to Alicia’s family, a nationwide database alerting authorities to domestic abuse events throughout the nation was required.

According to Lee Little, the police never accurately documented the domestic abuse occurrences that her daughter experienced.

“I’m sorry about it. We no longer have our daughter because of the way he coercively dominated her body, spirit, and mind, she stated.

“I want a nationwide registration.” Criminals are free to relocate interstate and start again. His license was suspended for five years. He is now living a different life and driving in Queensland.

Ms. Lee expressed her satisfaction with the coroner’s designation of Evans as a perpetrator of domestic abuse.

They failed to locate it. Now that it has been discovered, (Alicia) was labeled a culprit even though he was the one who beat her. And he never only beat her; instead, Ms. Little alleged, he beat her kids.

He kept threatening, “You go to the police and I’ll have you charged with assault,” so it was never documented.

Mr. Herron said that Alicia’s family had fought hard to get the case heard by the coroner.

“All we heard was a summary,” the victim said. “For many victims, this is categorically rejected.” For instance, we were refused a coronial inquiry for my own daughter, he stated.

Mr. Herron urged Victoria Police to carry out the recommendations made by the royal inquiry years ago.

»Fiancé crushes woman to death«

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