FCDO Statement on the reopening and resettlement of Varosha

Following a statement made by Turkish President Erdogan today, the UK has expressed concern over the issue of Varosha underlining the UK’s support for the UN Security Council resolutions.

A Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office spokesperson said:

The UK is deeply concerned about the announcement made during the visit of President Erdogan to Cyprus on 19-20 July 2021 regarding the reopening and resettlement of an area constituting 3.4% of the fenced-off area of Varosha.

The announcement runs contrary to UN Security Council resolutions and to the Security Council Presidential Statement of 8 October 2020 which called for Turkey to halt and reverse its actions in Varosha.

The UK strongly supports the relevant Security Council Resolutions covering the issue of Varosha and calls for all parties to comply with them.

The UK will be discussing this issue as a matter of urgency with other Security Council members.

The UK calls on all parties not to take any actions which undermine the Cyprus Settlement process or increase tensions on the island .