Father-of-two, 29, who left partner for Ukrainian refugee plans to MARRY her and start a family 

Father-of-two, 29, who left partner for Ukrainian refugee plans to MARRY her and start a family 

We can reveal that the British father who fled with a Ukrainian refugee after she moved in to live in his family’s house now intends to wed her.

And according to Tony Garnett, he and Sofiia Karkadym, 22, also intend to start a family, if that medical professional can undo the vasectomy he underwent after having two children with his last spouse.

I want to propose to this gorgeous lady, Tony told MailOnline.

“We are planning our life together,” Sofiia continued. I want to have children. I want to start a family.

I hope Tony can have his vasectomy reversed so that we may start a baby together. I am a young lady, so it can wait a few years.

Just ten days after Sofiia arrived from the war-torn Ukraine to begin a new life in Britain, security guard Tony, 29, left the house he lived with his longtime fiancée Lorna and their two young girls to begin a new life with her.

Despite only having been dating for two months, the new couple is already planning a trip to Ukraine to meet with Sofiia’s family so Tony can formally propose to his daughter’s father there.

“I want to emphasize that something extremely positive for me and her has come out of Putin’s evil,” stated Tony.

Tony promised to make a formal proposal as soon as things were more settled: We will simply wait till we have found a suitable place to live where we can settle because I want to make it special.

And in a less conventional step, Tony, a tattoo artist by trade, suggests that to commemorate their impending union, Sofiia get an inking that reads “Queen” to match with the “King” tattoo he already has on his neck.

“I want to be his queen or his princess,” Sofiia declared. I adore him a lot. I am eagerly anticipating our marriage.

I want to make it so special and romantic for her, he declared. We have discussed getting married, but that doesn’t preclude me from proposing to her unexpectedly. I’ll make it an experience she won’t soon forget.

When it was safe to do so, Tony promised that he and his future wife would travel to Ukraine to see her 46-year-old father, Ilya, an antiques dealer.

She doesn’t fully comprehend it. But I’ve told her that British men go and ask a girl’s father for her hand in marriage as a sign of respect.

The reaction to us being a couple has just been crazy, he continued. Yesterday, I gained 5,000 Instagram followers, whereas she gained 7,000 without any justification. People are enthralled by us.

However, there have been some negative comments about the couple on social media.

We’ve had some really awful things said about us on Instagram and other social media, Tony added.

But these folks are just idiots who don’t understand how people can fall in love, even if they’ve only known each other for a short while.

The couple was surprised to discover threatening internet remarks directed at them, in which Sofiia was called a home wrecker.

According to her, “The word about Tony and I has reached Ukraine.

My relatives called me and said they were really unhappy, and at one point they claimed they would never speak to me again.”

But I’ve told them that Tony wasn’t wed and that we just happened to fall in love, and that this is something that will never go away.

“I was angry because my family had read reports that a Ukrainian girl had traveled to Britain and had taken someone’s husband,” the woman said.

“I’m concerned that the Russians will use this as propaganda to show that Ukrainians cause trouble everywhere they go,” said the author.

He stated, “I just want to do something worthwhile and good, so I decided I wanted to take a refugee from Ukraine.

“I kept thinking that if England had been invaded, they would ideally be individuals who would take my children who were in other countries to safety.” Each of us must play our part.

“I only wanted to make Sofiia feel at home, secure, and safe when I picked her up from Manchester Airport.

I took her to a McDonald’s drive-through where we ordered a Big Mac and chatted as soon as I got there.

I discovered that she may be a buddy because she spoke English fairly well.

“On another occasion, I returned with her, and she requested a burger and beer, which is allegedly what they can provide in Ukraine. I laughed a lot because of it.

Lorna, the mother of Tony’s children, asked Sofiia to leave and accused the IT professional of making advances toward her husband, but Garnett made the decision to depart with his new roommate.

Tony says that Lorna, the mother of his two children, and he had been having issues before Sofiia entered his life: “Lorna and I hadn’t been getting along very well.”

I’ve moved out a few times, but in reality, we were living as friends who loved one other’s girls and who were raising them as parents.

We never wed since I wasn’t interested in doing so with her and I didn’t want to have any more children, so even though I was still in my early 20s, I had a vasectomy.

The doctor attempted to dissuade me by arguing that it would be unfair to my partner and that I might have second thoughts in the future.

They agreed to do it because I wasn’t with her when I had it done. Naturally, looking back, I wish I hadn’t because I truly want to have kids with Sofiia.

She doesn’t comprehend why I had a vasectomy, either. However, we both hope that it can be undone so that we can have our own children.

Sofiia has an eye condition, so Tony is currently taking care of her.

“Sofiia contracted an infection while travelling to Germany, and it grew significantly worse when she landed at Manchester Airport,” Tony remarked. It underwent surgery a few weeks ago for her.

She can only see through it partially right now, which is a little concerning. But according to the doctors, a full recovery will take six months.

“She recently received a National Insurance number that will aid in treatment,”

Sofiia fled the fighting in her own Ukraine and came at Tony’s family’s Bradford, West Yorkshire, house on May 4th.

However, the two quickly grew close.

Sofiia, who left behind her stepfather, 13-year-old sister Elizabeth, and her separated parents, said she enjoyed the Yorkshire accents but found some of the phrases difficult to grasp.

I don’t know why people say stuff like “I’ll see you later” or “love” to one another.

“When they said they would see you later, I believed they meant they would come to your place!”

However, Tony informed me that this is simply the way that people speak in this area. I’m fine with it.

She said that the savage Russian invasion had caused the loss of relatives and friends, and that she had made the decision to leave the country after her boss’s deployment to the defense forces cost her her job as an IT manager.

“I too lost my house because the landlord wanted to put some of her family in the room and the rent went up incredibly high.”

I was therefore without a place to live or a work, and the war was raging all around me.

“I must get out of Ukraine,” I thought. Then, I discovered that I could travel to Britain online, and Tony and I started corresponding. I’m happy I made that choice.

The 29-year-old claimed that because of their decision, he and his new partner have received a barrage of hostile comments online. Some have even threatened to try to have Sofia deported.

He claimed that his relationship with his ex-partner Lorna had also degenerated and that he had spoken to attorneys to secure adequate time to visit his children.

He claimed that his relationship with his ex-partner Lorna had also degenerated and that he had spoken to attorneys to secure adequate time to visit his children.

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