Facility Management Supervisor at ArchVision Workgroup Ltd

Facility Management Supervisor at ArchVision Workgroup Ltd – TDPel Jobs

From early beginnings as a freelance business, Arch-Vision Workgroup has grown into a leading project management company with a mission to make project-success commonplace in Nigeria and the world.

Our history so far has been marked with consistent advancement.

Furthermore, the experiences and opportunities we’ve had has laid the foundation for our present and future accomplishments.PRIMARY ROLE:      

The facility supervisor supports the PMO to keep the facility operating efficiently.

Responsible for the general upkeep and maintenance of the building and its facilities that they meet performance standards, manage the cleaning, security, waste disposal, parking, operation and maintenance of equipment.

The facility supervisor is accountable for the day-to-day administrative functions and the smooth running of the facility on a daily basis by completing daily inspections, conducting proactive and reactive maintenance and responding to tenant needs and issues.


This position reports to the PMO Manager to meet the objectives of the facility management project and to ensure all the benefits defined in the Facility Management Operations Plan are delivered.


1.Building Management

Manage the building and environmental conditions so that they satisfy tenants and the needs of visitors
Develop and execute a system for regular cleaning, repair and maintenance of facilities
Ensure the building always looks clean and is appropriately presented
Monitor energy consumption and maintain building services – Lighting, plumbing, electrical, waste disposal, pest control, sewage, fire system, generator maintenance, water treatment plant, CCTV, building management systems, emergency light etc
Supervise the usage, maintenance and repair of facilities and equipment and conduct regular facilities inspections

2.Tenant Management

Provide prompt response to requests, issues and emergency needs from tenants in a timely manner
Update and maintain usage records to invoice tenants accordingly and track invoices and payments
Communicate clear, reliable and timely information to tenants and other stakeholders
Build trust, respect and positive relationships with tenants and external service providers using a mix of communication channels and ensure communication is streamlined and effective
Manage changes related to tenants using the change control process

3.Financial Management:

Prepare and track the Facility Management budget
Successfully maintain the facility within the allocated budget and provide accurate forecasts for future maintenance spend
Advise on the measures to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the facility
Deliver best value for money on all expenditure

4.External Service Providers Management

Manage and review service contracts to ensure facility management needs are being met
Plan and conduct scheduled evaluation of the performance of the service providers to ensure their performance continues to provide the best value-for-money & quality service
Ensure Service Level Agreements of service providers and other outsourced contractors are maintained.
Check that agreed work by service providers or contractors have been completed satisfactorily and follow up on any deficiencies
Obtain quotes and tenders from vendors and contractors
Negotiate contracts to optimize delivery and cost saving

5.Records Management and Reporting

Submit daily, weekly and monthly facility management reports using agreed formats and distribution matrix
Generate and present special reports of facility-related issues, finances and activities
Maintain facility inventory and asset registers and keep track of them
Maintain accurate records of status of functioning equipment and other systems in building.


Assist in the development of and implementation of agreed cyclical maintenance and long-term preventative maintenance plans
Develop and implement schedule for regular evaluation of facilities
Develop forecast for the facility’s upcoming needs and requirements
Identify and log potential risks and devise response plans proactively


Ensure the implementation of effective security management procedures across the building
Respond appropriately to emergencies or urgent issues as they arise and deal with the consequences
Lead on raising tenant security awareness and compliance with Security policies.
Prepare CCTV data for permanent and compliant storage

8.Health and Safety

Ensure that all accidents are documented, investigated and recommended improvements implemented.
Ensure that facilities meet compliance standards and government regulations
Advise management about preventive actions and enforce environmental, health and safety legislation.
Ensure emergency equipment are regularly checked and in working order including fire extinguishers and emergency lights

Other Duties as Assigned

The Facility Manager assumes other responsibilities as assigned by the PMO.
This job description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by the role of the Facility Manager.
It is not designed to contain or to be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties, and the Facility Manager will be required to undertake other duties tasks and projects as required.


Bachelor’s degree in in real estate or in engineering and building services or related area of study plus relevant work experience.
4+ years’ proven experience managing facilities, preferable in a similar environment
A strong affinity for hands on execution and advanced technical maintenance skills


Has good organisational and multi-tasking ability
Has good administrative and people skills
Is highly proficient in the use of Microsoft Office applications
Can effectively organise meetings and events
Can prioritise workload and multitask
At least 1 relevant certification
Lives close to the facility
Able to organise data efficiently and prepare reports
Can perform quality inspections
Has good written and oral communication skills
Has proven capability as a self-starter and an ability to effectively undertake work independently or as part of a team
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