Exploring the Wild Side of Sunny Beach with a Local DJ

Exploring the Wild Side of Sunny Beach with a Local DJ

...By Solomon Thomas for TDPel Media.

Sunny Beach in Bulgaria has been a popular destination for partying for decades.


As other destinations tighten their rules on wild behaviour, Sunny Beach has become even more popular.

Approximately 100,000 Brits visit Sunny Beach every year, drawn by the rock-bottom prices, cheap alcohol, and the opportunity to let loose.

Holidaymakers in 'Blackpool abroad' Sunny Beach
Holidaymakers in ‘Blackpool abroad’ Sunny Beach

A recent Channel 4 documentary on the area revealed that these attractions are the main draws for UK holidaymakers.

Interview with Sunny Beach DJ

To get an inside look at Sunny Beach, we spoke to Jamie North, aka M.C. Pigeon, a DJ who works at the popular venue The Viking Beach Bar.

Jamie, 28, from Huddersfield, has been working as a successful artist in the Bulgarian club town every summer since 2017.


Women tour the strip looking for a fun night out
Women tour the strip looking for a fun night out

He admitted that there is a cheeky side to the action, but he loves the place nonetheless.

Sunny Beach sees millions of tourists pass through each year. During the day, it is a family resort, but after 10 pm, the streets transform dramatically.

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Partying in Sunny Beach

As a party town popular with 18-30 year-olds, Sunny Beach’s nightlife is filled with clubs that open early and close late.

Many Brits admit that they visit Sunny Beach to pull, and many are successful. Jamie noted that watching those who got lucky the night before is a local pastime.

Women doing shots
Women doing shots

He explained that the walk of shame in Sunny Beach is known as a dirty stop out.

If someone falls into this category, they can be identified by what they are wearing and how rough they look.

Jamie revealed that staff at Sunny Beach do not use the strip clubs, which are mainly for tourists.


However, there is more on offer than just lap dances.

Do’s and Don’ts in Sunny Beach

Jamie also said that Sunny Beach has its own set of rules that will get you into trouble, such as trying to have sex while in one of the clubs.

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If caught, you will usually be removed from the club. While it is known to happen, it is rare to see people having sex in the street.

Jamie claims that it is not the Brits who get up to the worst antics in Sunny Beach.

Other nationalities can be just as rowdy, if not more.

Recommendations and Final Thoughts

Jamie says that there is plenty to do in Sunny Beach for anyone who just wants to enjoy a few drinks, great food, and fantastic music.


He recommends exploring the backstreets to find cheap but delicious food. During the day, there are plenty of BBQs and food vendors, and you can even have your food delivered to the beach or hotel if you are too hungover.

The Viking beach bar is the most popular hotspot in Sunny Beach. Jamie advises visitors to try other parts of the Black Sea since there is plenty of public transport available.

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He recommends visiting beach bars, clubs, and restaurants such as DGV, Underground, and The Bounce.

According to Jamie, Sunny Beach is very clean and well-maintained during the day, and there is possibly nothing not to like about the place.


Sunny Beach in Bulgaria is a destination for those who want to party and let loose.

The town has been popular with young Brits for decades, drawn by the low prices and the chance to have fun.

The recent Channel 4 documentary has shed light on the attractions of the strip to UK holidaymakers, such as the low prices and opportunity to let loose.


While Jamie North admits that there is a cheeky side to the action, he loves the place and recommends it to visitors.

He suggests that there is plenty to do in Sunny Beach besides partying, including exploring the backstreets for cheap but delicious food.

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