Expert Suggests Prince Louis May Switch from Shorts to Trousers at King Charles’ Coronation

Expert Suggests Prince Louis May Switch from Shorts to Trousers at King Charles’ Coronation

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

According to an expert, Prince Louis is expected to switch from wearing shorts to trousers during public appearances as he grows up.


The youngest child of the Prince and Princess of Wales is often seen wearing shorts during public outings, but male members of the Royal Family have a tradition of switching to trousers.

Prince Louis, who turns five on St George’s Day, may make the switch in early May during King Charles’s Coronation.

The expert, Jennie Bond, worked as a royal correspondent for 14 years and expressed her support for the change, suggesting that a little suit would be cute for the young prince.

The Significance of Trousers for Young Boys

According to etiquette expert William Hanson, boys typically switch from shorts to trousers when they reach eight years old.

He added that dressing young boys in shorts is a silent class marker in England, while trousers are worn by older boys and men.


Boys in the Royal Family also tend to switch to trousers when they grow up, as seen with Prince William and Prince Harry.

The Royal Family’s Clothing Traditions

Prince George, the future King, was seen wearing trousers in the Cambridges’ Christmas card photo in 2018 when he was just six years old.

His younger brother, Prince Louis, was still wearing shorts during public appearances just a few weeks ago on Easter Sunday, despite the cool weather.

The Prince and Princess of Wales brought the date forward for Prince George to switch from shorts to trousers.

George often emulates his father’s style and is frequently seen wearing matching navy suits.


This news about Prince Louis may seem like a minor detail, but it highlights the importance of traditions and customs within the Royal Family.


Etiquette and clothing are crucial aspects of the family’s public image, and even a young member like Prince Louis is expected to follow them.

The fact that experts are discussing the significance of trousers versus shorts for young boys and how it relates to social class markers in England is fascinating.

It also shows how much thought and consideration goes into even the smallest details of the Royal Family’s public image.


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