Exclusive Write-up: Words

By Airmerald

In my part of the world, we tend to aggrandise the power of words, making it seem much more effective than it really is—though the effects shouldn’t be neglected,

I still think we shouldn’t overrate the effectiveness making it seem more fetish and dangerous than normal


I think this is backed up by either misconceptions that grew with us from tender or little understanding of the English language


Although words I know could have an impact—positively or negatively on someone’s life and I know we should be careful of the very ones we make use of, but not every word come as effective as it sounds.


I could say, ‘I feel sick in my bones’. That doesn’t literally and visually mean that I’m proclaiming sickness to my bones.

It means I know how I feel and I admit it—not necessarily that I love the feeling, but I just admit it. It could figuratively or idiomatically mean that I’m bored of a particular stuff or I am totally sucked of maybe a repeatedly unpleasant or disgusting act/attitude displayed by either something or someone.


Moreso, there are varieties of words that mean how they sound and could have other meanings too depending on the context


Nonetheless, ‘are you sick’ could mean a question for mental derailment..

It is advisable however to use more of British English to communicate with one whose depth in English language is shallow because of using statements in US English to interact with some folks might make such conversations very complicated; but as they use them, they don’t actually mean to be rude as the words sound.

Words so long humanity exists, will always be a bedrock of interaction.


It delivers a very vital message to the adherence of the listener.

It can be used properly by some people, misused by a certain genre and misunderstood (for many reasons) by so many others.


Hence, there’s no greater joy in using the right words for the right concept and being understood properly by the right audience.


I also think we should try and give a broader meaning to some certain words and try to expand our understanding about a statement rather than just give a lame conclusion about it.


I rest my case on this issue.



Florence Olayinka


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