Exclusive Literature: Perspectives – Neediness

Neediness – By Oyerinde Muhammad-Haddi Folarin


One thing I’ve eventually come to terms with after a lot of soul-searching and reflection 💭 in these past few days is that neediness is a drawback. Neediness is a shortcoming. Neediness can push and haul you to doing the most debasing things.


Upholding moral or religious standards when needy and underprivileged is sometimes a fantasy. This is not a justification for engaging in vices but if we don’t want to cry underwater, we should know neediness is an enemy of man.


Being needy, underprivileged, disadvantaged, impoverished and all other adjectives we can use to fine-tune and garnish “being poor” should be the fear of man. It is just however unfortunate that this fear reared in the minds of many people have mutated into committing all shades of evil 👺 and transgression to overcome this fear or probably keep the fear at bay. Nonetheless, neediness is man’s greatest enemy. If you don’t have, you’ll hate someone that has whether legitimate or not, exceptions are very rare. I have a lot to unfurl into words but I just can’t find the right words to code this reality.


Putting greed aside, throwing the “need for material possessions” into the trash ♻️ bin, shoving the “need to meet up with peers” into the ditch, with all those aside, it is quite evident that the need to just feed is what is most basic and important to an average man which failure to fulfill that need is tantamount to making them seek extreme and “out of the law books” methods to satisfy the need.


How can you quote common sense and scriptural verses to someone who hasn’t fulfilled or has no means to fulfill the lowest and meagerest need on Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs? How? Tell me please.


Neediness will steer you to forcefully puncture your self-esteem in order to seek assistance from someone you would never have. It will make you reduce your bar of morality below sea 🌊 level just to get what you NEED, not what you want but what you need because it is possible to want something and not NEED it while it is ridiculous to NEED something and not want it. It isn’t possible, it is needed that is why you will want it. Even though being in such an hopeless and awful situation shouldn’t drive you to do the unthinkable but still, neediness should be a concern.


We can’t erase the fact that the reality has a causal and associative relationship with the evil we see widespread and universal nowadays.


Writing this with a cocktail 🍹 of feelings containing a mix of anger and sadness. Isn’t there a way to put a halt to all these?


Can’t we all just have access to the lowest item on Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Although human psychology has proven that, after attaining one need, humans are wired and prone to go in pursuit of the next higher tier, nonetheless can’t we all just have the essentials? God must have his reasons which I have chosen to deliberately misconstrue.



He is the all-knowing and all-wise and his reasons supersedes my emotions and bias but I’m livid because the reason is beyond me.


“How can any father stand seeing his children across many lands, suffer so and lends no helping hand, no helping hand?”