Exclusive Literature: Little Issues

By Airmerald

know, when we fall out of the hands of love and trust, we fall into the pit of fear and suspicions; you now begin toy make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Little Issues.


At the advent of becoming someone’s friend or even finding yourself in a family which you cannot help but love and live with over the years


Then, they break our trust or do not/could not do up to our expectations and we begin to take offense at little Issues.


Issues we would have laughed over, brazed up and keep going sometimes mark the end of some relationships that are precious to us;


Sometimes, instead of just facing the truth and stop being over emotional, we cry, have sleepless nights and even lose appetite and Haven done this we see these as pains they inflicted on us;

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Just a little issue we could have sorted out in no time, we turn them to mountains and place it on our hearts as heavy substances to what has a lesser weight than the web of a spider


We do not even need to cry or blame anyone or even run from it begins to find attachments and a seat to throne itself in your heart-Deal with it!

Because many a time, after we have acted badly, we regret, seeing what we could have achieved with those people; and do not wait for them to come first, You Go!

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You might be surprised at the sanity your move can cause


Do not fall for little Issues, they can be time bombs waiting to explode;


Love and accept people for who they are;

Be yourself and let them be themselves, we are imperfect beings after all


So, just the way a little issue in the eye should be dealt with before it results to a bad eyesight or blindness that you now begin to fall on things and act with closed eyes


So, let little Issues dissolve like an ice, let it go through the air and you will get your water back in no time breathing in love to live life again

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Florence Olayinka