Peter Shreeves’ 52-year-old daughter ‘poured wet cement and spit’ at neighbors

Peter Shreeves’ 52-year-old daughter ‘poured wet cement and spit’ at neighbors

The daughter of former Tottenham manager Peter Shreeves allegedly ran a hate campaign against her neighbors and threw wet cement and spat at them.

Stratford Magistrates Court was informed that Joanne Shreeves, 52, cursed at her neighbor Sandra Durdin, 58, and her former husband Trevor Dempsey, 62, before spitting on their son Mitchell.

The family, who finally relocated owing to the alleged abuse, were afraid to enter their yard as a result of the constant threats.

On one occasion, according to the CCTV film shown in court yesterday, Shreeves threw wet cement and pebbles over the fence, striking Mr. Dempsey.

As the couple passes by in their yard, Shreeves is seen in the video pulling a shovel from a cabinet and throwing cement their way.

He said to the court, “I’m in the garden working.” Joanne Shreeves came out with a shovel and flung cement over on our side, falling on me and my wall. We continued being poked with broomsticks and twigs.

She is also accused of damaging Mr. Dempsey’s custom potting hut, which cost £2,667. He listed the damages, noting that “flowers, both jasmine and sunbeam,” were shattered along with drain covers and the pebbles.

Damage to the building, which is depicted on the evidence as having had rocks thrown over it, damage to the back gate, cement up the window, cement up the wall, black and yellow tapes being thrown over, solar panel lights being pushed over, and two cameras being hosed down to stop the filming, he continued.

In other videos, she is heard yelling and cursing while kicking the garden fence between the two homes.

On August 6, 2020, Ms. Durdin was gardening at her house in The Ridgeway, Chingford, when Shreeves came outside and started kicking through the fence while yelling “f****** c****” and threatening the family.

She testified before the court, saying, “She yelled, “Do you know what happens to filthy c*****” and “you won’t have a family,” while kicking the fence through and threatening me and my family as well.

“We’re surrounded. We had to relocate since we couldn’t even live in our own home.

On a different occasion, Shreeves saw Ms. Durdin placing Christmas lights on a tree in her yard on the evening of December 20, 2020, after he had returned from a night out.

In further CCTV video shown in court, Shreeves is seen reportedly spitting at Ms Durdin’s son Mitchell before laughing and leaving.

“I witnessed it with my own eyes, she spit on my kid. I was really appalled by it,” said Ms. Durin.

Mitchell Durdin said before the court that Shreeves’s spit made him feel degraded.

When the Covid epidemic hit, he said, “There was no vaccination, and I was afraid.”

Ms. Durdin claims that during another incident of the neighborhood dispute, she heard a commotion and glanced out the window to find Shreeves staring at her.

When Shreeves allegedly branded her a “filthy c***,” she allegedly responded, “So are you.”

We were in our own home when she turned around, gestured with a slashed neck, and said, “You’re dead,” Ms. Durdin said.

Shreeves had previously been found guilty of common assault in the case of Mitchell Durdin and criminal damage in the case of a shed, fence, and £440 worth of garden flowers.

In May, a judge at Stratford Magistrates’ Court found her guilty on two counts of using threatening behavior towards the pair.

Due to sickness, Shreeves was unable to attend her trial, but she has always maintained that her neighbors altered CCTV evidence showing her cursing and spitting.

After she was granted permission to reopen the case by District Judge William Nelson in August, she was subsequently given a new trial.

She arrived in court today wearing a pink jacket, black pants, and a matching top. As her former neighbors testified, she shook her head and raised her eyebrows.

The retrial proceeds despite her denial of all the allegations.

During his testimony, Trevor Dempsey informed the court that on October 24, 2020, Shreeves used a broom to assault the garden fence.

She has been assaulting my property and everything else while I’m away for the last 18 months. This is not the first time.

»Peter Shreeves’ 52-year-old daughter ‘poured wet cement and spit’ at neighbors«

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