Ex-PM Boris Johnson planned to fire Rishi Sunak as chancellor before quitting, says former spin chief

Ex-PM Boris Johnson planned to fire Rishi Sunak as chancellor before quitting, says former spin chief

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

According to Guto Harri, Boris Johnson’s former director of communications, Rishi Sunak would have been sacked from his role as chancellor if Johnson had not been forced to resign.


Harri claimed that Sunak would have been removed due to policy clashes with the then-Prime Minister.

The current PM has been accused by Johnson’s loyalists of bringing down the Johnson administration as his resignation triggered a chain of resignations by other ministers.

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In a recent interview, Harri revealed some details of his new podcast that covers the end of the Boris Johnson era.

He said that Johnson had referred to Sue Gray, a civil service investigator who probed Johnson’s Partygate lawbreaking, as “psycho.”

According to Harri, there was a fundamental disagreement between Johnson and Sunak on policies.

Johnson wanted to give something to the party and did not want to increase corporation tax.

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On the other hand, Sunak was reluctant to do so, and there was tension between them.

Harri speculated that if things hadn’t turned out as they did in July, Sunak would have been offered a different job in a reshuffle over the summer.

Harri believed that an immediate return to power for Johnson was unrealistic, but there was a possibility it could happen after the next general election.

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Harri’s revelations about Johnson and Gray are particularly noteworthy as she is now attracting the ire of senior Tories for a planned move to join Sir Keir Starmer’s top team.

Johnson had respected her a lot, but his perception of her changed by the time Harri arrived.

By the end, according to Harri, they were all extremely suspicious of her.


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