EndSARS: Nigerian Army Admits Soldiers Took Guns to Lekki Tollgate

The Nigerian army has finally admitted that they took live bullets to Lekki Tollgate on October 20, 2020 during the #endSARS protest, where they allegedly shot peaceful protesters.

The commander of the 81 Military intelligence brigade, Victoria Island, Bridgadier General Ahmed Taiwo who confirmed the event, also said 85% of the bullets are “blank bullets”.

He said this at Lagos State Judicial Panel of Enquiry on Saturday, 21st of November, 2020.

He added that only a portion of the troop carried live bullets but the purpose of the bullets is not to kill the protesters but to protect themselves.

He maintained the soldiers only shot blank bullets in the air.

When endSARS protester’s lawyer, Adeyinka Olumide-Fusika asked if soldiers took gun to the tollgate the night of the occurrence, General Taiwo responded that “it’s rifles they carried, not guns”.

He said they had to be armed because hoodlums were already joining the peaceful protesters to wreck havoc in the community.

He maintained that when he visited the site of incidence the following morning, he didn’t see any sign of gunshots.