Elon Musk’s accidental reveal of secondary Twitter account raises questions

Elon Musk’s accidental reveal of secondary Twitter account raises questions

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

Elon Musk may have accidentally revealed his secondary Twitter account, @Ermnmusk, when a screenshot posted by his main account displayed the avatar image of the account.


Twitter users tracked down @Ermnmusk as the probable profile.

The account has a header of “Elon Test,” and most of its posts are innocuous.

However, its replies to other users include some stranger posts such as asking Bitcoin evangelist Michael Saylor if he likes Japanese girls.

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At times, the account role-plays as Musk’s son, X AE A-XII Musk.

X AE A-XII Musk was born to Canadian singer Grimes in 2020 while she was in a relationship with Musk from 2018 to 2022.

The @Ermnmusk account was created in November 2022, a few weeks after Musk finalised his acquisition of Twitter.


The practical take on why Musk has a secondary account is that it allows him to test features without relying on the results from his primary account.

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With over 136 million followers, Musk’s primary account is far removed from that of almost every other Twitter user.

Having a secondary account would enable Musk to test features and experiment with new ideas without the risk of causing disruption to his primary account.

For example, it may have been used to provoke a reaction from bot accounts, which are known to love cryptocurrency.

The account has already garnered 43,000-plus followers at the time of writing.

However, part of the reason for this account’s existence is due to Musk’s specific brand of humour, which is known to cause serious issues with companies he owns, including Twitter and Tesla.

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Recently, a Tesla shareholder group claimed that Musk was not focused enough on the company, citing the board’s failure to restrict the CEO’s outside commitments and ensure he is focused on solving the many challenges the company faces.

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