Elon Musk uses a snarky tweet to tease Andrew Tate

Elon Musk uses a snarky tweet to tease Andrew Tate

On New Year’s Eve, billionaire Elon Musk took a jab at influencer Andrew Tate. The Twitter user stated, “Making pizza at home is simply preferable.”

The tweet cited the belief that the former kickboxer was discovered hiding in Romania after posting a video of himself holding a Jerry’s Pizza pizza box.

The Tesla manufacturer implied that the pizza box revealed Tate’s location.

Elon Musk
Andrew Tate created a video in Romania when he was hiding. Image courtesy of Twitter @HSajwanization

According to the New York Post, Tate, 36, attempted to fire back at a 19-year-old eco-warrior with whom he was engaged in a viral Twitter feud.

Tate and his brother Tristan were arrested at one of the kickboxer’s villas in Romania shortly after the video was posted.

The brothers were arrested and accused of human trafficking, rape, and running a criminal organization in which women were allegedly exploited and forced to record pornographic sequences.

The electric car manufacturer’s Twitter followers laughed and agreed that Tate should have baked himself homemade pizza or, even better, removed the pizza from the box prior to recording.

Other social media users criticized him in the comments, stating that the billionaire had his own problems. According to recent reports, Musk apparently lost the most money in history. In 2022, Musk’s net worth reportedly decreased by $200 billion.

According to The South African, the renowned automaker’s net worth peaked at $340 billion in November 2022, but has since decreased to $137 billion. He had been the wealthiest person in the world for more than a year.

Since the steep decline in Tesla shares, French business magnate and co-founder of LVMH Bernard Arnault has surpassed Elon Musk as the world’s richest man.

Elon Musk displayed his sarcastic sense of humor on Twitter as he poked fun at the arrest of Andrew Tates. Image via Instagram @elonmusk/ @itsandrewtate
Additionally, Andrew Tate was arrested and charged with rape and people trafficking.

@TomFitton said:

It’s embarrassing to admit that it took me so long to get this joke.

@robprogressive published:

Why does everyone believe that Andrew Tate was discovered using a pizza box when he is the easiest person to locate?


“Is Elon Musk too frightened to order a pizza?”

@Youssofal authored

It is sometimes beneficial to create a social networking platform at home.

@erenbail said:

It is simple for you to say. You’ve got a lot of cash.”

@huntforchange said:

“There is always the option of not tweeting.”


»Elon Musk uses a snarky tweet to tease Andrew Tate«

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