Elon musk says he resides in a “very small” 000 House 

Elon musk says he resides in a “very small” $45000 House 

Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, said that his current primary residence is a three-bedroom house that he paid $45,000 for, primarily because of its location in Boca Chica, Texas, close to his SpaceX factory.

Musk remarked on the Full Send podcast, which aired late Thursday, “It cost like $45,000 or something.” It is really little.

The structure where SpaceX is constructing “a gigantic rocket” is next to the residence, according to Musk. A Boxable tiny house near Boca Chica, which he uses as a guest house for visitors who come to visit, was also mentioned by the speaker.

Musk, whose estimated net worth is $268 billion, has long attracted attention for his unorthodox lifestyle. One recent example is the report that he just welcomed twins with one of his top employees, or around around the time he welcomed a second child with the musician Grimes.

In the podcast, Musk remarked, “Friends of mine come and they can’t believe I’m staying in this house.” Musk said, “If I’m there by myself, it’s fine,” when asked if he enjoys staying there.

The house had two bedrooms at first, but Musk claimed to have added a third room by converting the garage. He continued by saying that he is attempting to have Weems Street renamed Meme Street.

Given that the median listing price of homes in the United States hit $450,000 in June, the $45,000 price tag is incredibly low. Musk didn’t specify when the house was purchased, which might have been before the pandemic-related rise in home values.

One home, a 1,000 square foot “fixer upper” for “SpaceX fans,” is up for sale on Weems Street and is listed for $375,000 there.

Musk didn’t always reside in a small house. The millionaire allegedly had owned a portfolio of houses worth $100 million, but in 2020 he announced on Twitter that he was selling them and promised to “possess no house.”

The Wall Street Journal revealed in December that Musk was actually residing in a Ken Howery-owned property in Austin. According to Forbes, Howery, who co-founded PayPal with Musk and others, purchased the 8,000 square foot house for $12 million in 2018, at a time when Austin real estate was at an all-time high.

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