Elizabeth Holmes’ family submit photos to judge in plea for mercy before her sentencing tomorrow

Elizabeth Holmes’ family submit photos to judge in plea for mercy before her sentencing tomorrow

Elizabeth Holmes’ family and friends made a last-ditch attempt to win her release by submitting eloquent letters and heartfelt images to the court who will decide today whether to imprison her or not.

Holmes, who defrauded investors out of $140 million by saying her Theranos blood test technology would revolutionize medicine, will be jailed tomorrow.

She has already put off her demise with two pregnancies; Holmes is presently carrying her second kid, although it is unknown when she will give birth. The month before her California trial started, she gave birth to her first child, a son.

Billy Evans, her partner, presented one of the 137 letters to the court. He pleaded for forgiveness, mentioning the couple’s young son and the unborn child.

‘Hello, Judge Davila. Billy Evans’ eight-page letter of ask for mercy opens, “My name is Billy Evans, and you have the life of my partner in your hands.” It contains several images of Elizabeth, 38, together with their kid and other family members.

Holmes is expecting her second kid at the moment. Not shortly after giving birth to her first child in August, she is shown.

Her son and Holmes. Billy Evans, her boyfriend, told the court that their relationship had a “amazing connection” and that being locked up would break it.

According to her spouse, Holmes, here with her kid, is “terribly afraid.” She has endured a long and difficult trip. Having said that, this storm has brought us calm. She is now living what she and I both consider to be a dream, he said.

She is shown in one with her in-laws wearing identical Christmas pajamas and in another typing away on a laptop while holding a child on her breast.

Last year, Holmes was in the hospital after giving birth to her baby, beaming with joy.

“While Liz is tremendously optimistic, I can see that she is also really afraid.

This procedure is a series of unexpected occurrences that her advisers, board members, and attorneys all said would never happen, he said.

Billy said that he had never met a person who was as altruistic as his girlfriend, who works unpaid for a women’s hotline.

Even if there are tough days, we are thankful. We have discovered true love in our relationships with one another, in the development of our family, and in the sheer wonder of witnessing the development of our son.

“At the time I am writing this letter, my son has just completed his 14th month of life.

“I wish you could see his joy, his belly-laughs, which Liz helps to foster, and the self-assurance of a young mind, which has not yet realized all the challenges this world has to offer him.

“His bond with Liz is incredible; I believe that having someone to love and care for her so deeply is all she has ever wanted.” I wish you could see Liz and I dancing in the kitchen while we give him “doubles” by kissing both of his cheeks at the same time.

When he sees Liz and I kissing or hugging one another, he smiles a mile-long grin and four buck teeth at us.

Holmes’ partner claimed that due to the intense media coverage of their family, they were forced to live out of a camper van while traveling.

In his letter to the court, Evans, seen on the right, portrayed a caring and devoted mother doing things like matching Christmas jammies and feeding the horses of the neighbors.

“I believe that being loved and cared for so deeply by someone is all she has ever wanted.” In his letter to Holmes about her relationship with her son, Holmes’ partner said, “I wish you could hear how she sings to him every morning when she brings him out of his crib and tells him how his day and the life ahead has so much good in store for him.”

As Holmes awaited her trial in 2021, she became pregnant. In August, she gave birth to a boy. It made the trial later.

The image from last month shows Holmes in the hospital with COVID. She was hospitalized by her OBGYN because she had a fever after the “whole family” allegedly caught the infection, according to her boyfriend. The duration of her hospital stay, he added, “She maintained her job on the crisis line and accepted several calls from women who were coping with the biggest tragedy of their life.”

Holmes’ boyfriend said, “She is my whole life, my mentor, and my compass amid the darkest moments of self-doubt and inadequacy.”

It is really difficult to sum up what Liz means to me, Evans wrote in his closing question to his letter. Although I am anxious to do so, I have hard to fully describe it here. Hopefully, Your Honor, my letter will help you get to know her.

“That you may see what I believe to be true by using these words, torn from my heart and hurled on this page.

If you want to know Liz, you should know that she is more sincere, modest, unselfish, and compassionate than the majority of people have ever encountered. Allow her to be free, please.

Evans added that a CNBC reporter “broke into their apartment” and leaked the family’s address, forcing them to temporarily live in a camper van.

In addition to photos and letters that Holmes wrote as a young girl with the hope of changing the world, the judge also received submissions from her parents, friends, and in-laws.

Dear Daddy, I really want to learn something new and accomplish something that mankind has never thought was possible.

In a letter she wrote when she was only eight years old, she stated, “I also want to study about man and his ways, life is really interesting.”

Throughout her trial, Holmes consistently insisted that she was honest in all of her appeals to investors and other parties.





She was singled out as the culprit for a failure that many of her coworkers were also responsible for, according to her family and friends, despite the fact that she genuinely wanted to better the business and the world.


I am aware of my daughter. She holds our legal system in the highest regard.

According to her father, Christian, “She would never purposefully break the law or defraud her investors.”

Noel, her mother, also pleaded the same cause.

“With Elizabeth’s future in your hands, I implore you to let her perform community service outside of prison, where she can continue to create and make a positive contribution to our society while surrounded by her loved ones.

She pleaded with him, saying, “As a parent, I beg you to see her goodness, her special situation, and her promise.”

In his letter, Booker stated that he and Holmes met six years ago and that he was impressed by her work in public service.

I pray for Ms. Holmes and for everyone who might have suffered as a result of her actions.

“I pray that she is able to realize her aspirations and more modest hopes to provide meaningful service to our world in the years to come.

I think she joins in these prayers too, he said.

Holmes’ former boyfriend and fellow Theranos employee Sunny Balwani was also found guilty of fraud.

»Elizabeth Holmes’ family submit photos to judge in plea for mercy before her sentencing tomorrow«

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