EFF ‘reject’ Human Rights Day – and they now want it RENAMED

EFF ‘reject’ Human Rights Day – and they now want it RENAMED

It wouldn’t be a public holiday without the EFF denouncing the event, would it? The Red Berets have taken the opportunity to lambast Human Rights Day in South Africa – and they are now calling for a title change.

Should Human Rights Day change it’s name? Sharpeville Day suggested by EFF

Human Rights Day is commemorated on 21 March every year. This is the date when scores of black citizens, who rose up against the brutal apartheid regime in 1960, fought back against oppressive, racially-based laws. In total, 69 people died – and that sacrifice, according the EFF, is being completely underplayed.

In a statement – or, more accurately, a tirade – issued on Monday, the political party rallied against the use of Die Stem in the National Anthem, the existence of colonial-era statues in South Africa, and the jail sentences for political prisoners. You know, all of the classic hits.

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‘Human Rights Day is the highest form of revisionism’ – Red Berets rip into public holiday

But the EFF made sure that their main grievance got the most attention. They are now ‘rejecting’ Human Rights Day as a concept, and will instead be celebrating Sharpeville Day, to honour the dozens who lost their lives.

“The naming of the 21st of March as Human Rights Day is the highest form of revisionism, which must be rejected with the highest form of contempt that it deserves. Accordingly, the EFF recognises today as Sharpeville Day.”

“This is in honour of those who were slain by the apartheid government, for refusing to have their movement controlled and dictated to them in their own land. We salute the brave Pan-Africanists who led from the front.”

EFF statement, Monday 21 March 2022