Ebanie Bridges’ title defense included everything: Middle-finger’skanky stripper’ insult

Ebanie Bridges’ title defense included everything: Middle-finger’skanky stripper’ insult

Ebanie Bridges has turned a flamethrower on Shannon O’Connell following the fiery conclusion of their world championship bout.

The Australian boxing world champion celebrated regaining her IBF bantamweight title by rubbing her opponent’s nose in it, when it was revealed that O’Connell had made an offensive gesture before exiting the ring.

Bridges startled the fight world with her eighth-round stoppage of O’Connell on Sunday in Leeds.

Bridges and O’Connell exchanged insults prior to the fight, which was billed as the biggest women’s boxing match in Australian history.

Bridges was accused of “disrespecting” Australian boxing by holding the match in the United Kingdom, where Bridges had a big fan base. O’Connell had referred to Bridges as a “skanky stripper” in the heated buildup.

Shannon O’Connell gives Skye Nicolson the middle finger after losing to Ebanie Bridges.
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The 36-year-old former school teacher from western Sydney has thrown the charge back in O’Connell’s face after the South Australian was seen throwing her middle finger up in the ring as the TKO result was announced.

Skye Nicolson, a fellow Australian fighter and friend of Bridges, was the recipient of O’Connell’s generosity.

Nicolson was commentating the battle, and the Tokyo Olympian has been an outspoken booster of Bridges’ ascent to the pinnacle of her sport.

Nicolson, who just joined Bridges in signing with fight promotion giant Matchroom Boxing, expressed shock at O’Connell’s unpleasant behavior after the bout.

Ebanie Bridges rejoices after her victory.
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Instagram/Skye Nicolson: Skye Nicolson applauds Ebanie Bridges

In an interview published on her Instagram stories, she remarked, “I feel like Shannon just takes everything personally.”

“I was rooting for my boxing-supportive pal. And I support her boxing endeavors. I applauded for my friend while the decision was being announced. And as she stood in the center of the ring, she flipped the bird and yelled, “F–k you, whore!”

She continued by remarking with a chuckle, “Rude. A little too intimate, but that’s okay.

After the battle, the Commonwealth Games gold medalist stated, “Shannon didn’t want to be there after approximately Round 3.”

Bridges has taken aim at O’Connell through a series of Instagram stories posts.

In one shared tweet, she stated, “I put her in her place.”

In another post, she stated, “Can’t believe Shannon stuck her finger up at the @skyebnic Center ring and shouted, ‘F–k you, skank. Shame”.

She also posted a shot of her landing a power punch on O’Connell’s chin as follows: “I did it for all the women in Australia that received s–t decisions from this woman.”

It explains why Bridges did not put the beef behind her during her post-fight interview.

“All things considered, not bad for a skanky stripper!” Bridges stated in her post-match address.

The remark referred to O’Connell’s persistent insults in the lead-up to the battle.

“She can strike. “She’s a banger,” said Bridges. “She arrived, she was hungry, and she was ferocious. But because I performed better, I am the champion.”

Bridges described the victory as a “apples to apples” moment.

She stated, “I am not often disrespectful to my opponent, but she was extremely disrespectful to me the entire time.” “I’m quite pleased with the victory. I think the world and Australia are now proud of me. We are aware of the Australian boxing queen. I anticipated that it would be the most difficult fight of my career, and it was. Team skanky stripper forever!”

Bridges continued, “As a fighter, I had the utmost regard for her and used to look up to her. “Of course I respect her for the battle she put up, it was a tough fight, the toughest fight of my career, but it was also one of the best and most fulfilling victories of my career.”

Bridges will now pursue a unification bout for the bantamweight championship after winning her tenth professional bout.


»Ebanie Bridges’ title defense included everything: Middle-finger’skanky stripper’ insult«

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