EastEnders Star Michelle Collins Hospitalized for Urgent Care

EastEnders Star Michelle Collins Hospitalized for Urgent Care

...By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

Former EastEnders and Coronation Street actress Michelle Collins recently shared with her fans that she had to go to the hospital last week for urgent care.


She thanked the NHS staff for their care and reassured her fans that she was doing better.

Michelle did not disclose any details about her condition but expressed gratitude for the NHS and asked that it not be destroyed.

Fans Flood Michelle with Well Wishes

Michelle Collins has thanked fans for their concern
Michelle Collins has thanked fans for their concern

Michelle’s fans and followers expressed their concern and support for her after hearing about her hospitalization.

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They sent her well wishes and love, with one follower saying that they were glad she was okay.

Previous Health Scare


This isn’t the first time Michelle has shared her health issues with her fans.

Late last year, she had to go to a walk-in clinic after suddenly falling unwell.

She thanked the staff at Finchley Memorial for their help and encouraged her fans to appreciate the availability of such facilities.

Michelle’s Love Life Flourishing

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Despite her health issues, Michelle’s love life has been flourishing.

She married her partner Mike last year after being together for 10 years.

Michelle Collins said she's had a 'worrying' time
Michelle Collins said she’s had a ‘worrying’ time

However, she has faced criticism from trolls who have an issue with the fact that Mike is 20 years younger than she is.

Michelle defended herself by saying that age is just a number and that she cherishes each year of her life.



It’s always concerning to hear about anyone’s health issues, especially when they have to be hospitalized for urgent care.

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Michelle Collins’ gratitude towards the NHS staff is a reminder of the importance of our healthcare system and the hard work of those who work within it.

It’s heartwarming to see her fans and followers offer their well wishes and support, which can be a source of comfort during difficult times.

Michelle’s defense of her love life is also a refreshing reminder that love knows no age limit and that age should not be a barrier to happiness.


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