EastEnders spoilers: ‘Exposed’ Suki and Eve, finding Whitney’s unborn child, and a wedding twist

EastEnders spoilers: ‘Exposed’ Suki and Eve, finding Whitney’s unborn child, and a wedding twist

On EastEnders the following week, Zack tries to maintain optimism as he and Whitney make their way to the hospital to learn the results of their CVS test.

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When parents learn their kid has Edward’s Syndrome, their entire world crumbles.

Zack, who is devastated by the baby’s prognosis, finds it difficult to face going to the hospital with Whitney.

But after hearing some encouraging words from Sharon, he decides to go support Whitney by going to the hospital.

A saddened Whitney pulls her loved ones away over the following few days.

Zack realizes he needs to be there for Whitney after having a heart-to-heart with Eve. He assures her that she is not to fault for their baby’s condition.

Nish also informs Suki that their wedding blessing ceremony has been moved up to Thursday owing to a scheduling adjustment.

Suki tries to drag things out by arguing that there isn’t enough time, but Nish moves quickly to reschedule the day.

Later, the Panesar house tap breaks, forcing Suki to call Mitch for assistance.

When Suki and Mitch discuss the pressures of family life, Suki offers Mitch a permanent position as a handyman for their rental property.

After Mitch exits No. 41, Nish stands by in a jealous rage across the Square.

Stacey and Eve reopen the bap van with the aid of a loan in order to raise some desperately needed money.

Eve agrees to Nish’s request to pick up Suki’s wedding attire, but when Stacey is left to service their customers by herself, she becomes enraged.

After a heated exchange with Eve, a furious Stacey enters the Minute Mart and makes a threat to divulge everything if Suki doesn’t start treating Eve with respect.

Nish makes Suki and her feel uncomfortable by inviting Honey to the marriage blessing at the Minute Store.

Later at The Vic, after Mitch mistakenly admits he has been assisting Suki with their tenants, an envious Nish makes a menacing call to Ravi.

Eve is unsure of what to do when Nish invites her and the Slaters to the marriage blessing ceremony.

Later, Suki overhears Nish and Ravi discussing Mitch in Walford East, and the two get into a heated argument.

Suki assures Nish, apprehensively, that he is the only man for her.

Eve later shows up at the Panesars in an effort to win over Suki one last time, but their quarrel is ended when they hear the front door slam.

What did they hear, and who was it?

Suki is suspicious of anyone listening in on her talk with Eve the day of the marriage blessing.

To Suki’s horror, Eve decides to attend the marriage blessing despite her troubles with her emotions.

After a stressful encounter with Ravi in the Minute Store, guilty Denise seduces Jack across the square.

When she discovers a photo of Ravi on Jack’s laptop, she is immediately surprised to discover that Jack is looking into him.

Denise begins to worry that her deeds might be discovered.

Later, Denise and Jack are horrified to discover that Amy witnessed Ravi acting promiscuously while visiting Nugget’s home.

Denise instantly steps in and offers to speak to Ravi in Jack’s place as Jack is furious over the example being set for his daughter and moves to confront Ravi.

As a smug Ravi tells Denise at Walford East that their secret is safe, she becomes more concerned than ever.

Howie brings Denzel and Nugget to the café for a celebratory breakfast after learning that he has been shortlisted for “The Walford Young Writers Competition,” which makes him very happy.

Later, a humiliated Denzel admits to Nugget that he stole the plot idea from a television program he watched with Amy and worries that the Walford Gazette interview would disclose his deception.

Howie’s pride in Denzel swiftly wanes as his lies during the interview come to light.

Howie joins the fake tale in an effort to maintain his good name in front of the journalist.

As a result, Denzel overpromises another interview with his grandparents, who he claims served as the basis for his narrative.

Patrick and Vi are enlisted by Howie and Rocky to portray Denzel’s grandparents for the Walford Gazette.

The Walford Gazette immediately finds success with Patrick and Vi, and the reporter is so taken with their made-up love tale that she demands on a follow-up interview.

»EastEnders spoilers: ‘Exposed’ Suki and Eve, finding Whitney’s unborn child, and a wedding twist«

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