Durban motorists seek protection from violent ‘water protestors’

Durban motorists seek protection from violent ‘water protestors’

Frustrated motorists are appealing to law enforcement in KwaZulu-Natal to take action against violent protestors. On Thursday, motorists were allegedly stopped by a group of armed protestors, while travelling in Saint Windowlands, near Pinetown, west of Durban.

It’s believed the group were protesting against the water shortages in the area following the recent floods in the province.

Taxi operator, Leon Loganathan says his vehicle, with passengers, was stopped by the protestors, who demanded he turnaround or have his vehicle chopped.

“For the past week now, there is only burning of roads; there is blockages of roads and we cant get through. We could not drop workers off and we could not even get into Pinetown because the informal roads were blocked. So, when we saw policemen on the road also I asked them if they could do something about the people blocking the roads. He said straight that they have their hands full and unfortunately, they are doing they best that they can.”

Caution against contaminated water

Meanwhile, water that has been sitting in buckets for long periods of time should not be consumed. That’s the advice coming through from the Institute for Water and Waste water Technology, based at the Durban University of Technology.

This comes as water shortages continue to affect KwaZulu-Natal.

Many residents have resorted to collecting large amounts of water for later use.

Director of the Institute Prof. Faizal Bux, explaining how to hygienically manage water during these uncertain times, says, “If there is no supply of tanker water, people are collecting water from different sources. One thing that is very important is that they should not be using that water for drinking purposes. One would treat water firstly by boiling the water. Secondly, it is also advised that water for drinking purposes, you should use bleach, household bleach, use about two tablespoons of household bleach for 20 litres of water and leave it overnight.”

VIDEO | Durban and surrounding areas continue to experience water shortages:

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