Dudula Movement to shut schools down in Alex, SAPS presence increases

Dudula Movement to shut schools down in Alex, SAPS presence increases

Members of the Dudula Movement stated that schools in Alexandra will not be functional. The movement plans to shut down activities in the township, and members are determined to stop undocumented foreign nationals from trading in the area.

Dudula Movement members deny xenophobia claims

A number of people made their presence known on Monday as they stopped business at the Pan African Mall. They blocked roads with burning tyres and removed street vendors. While the activities are focused on foreign nationals, the group is adamant that they are not xenophobic.

SABC News reported that the Dudula Movement members stated that they are “protecting the economy”. The chairperson of the movement, Msyza, stated that all foreign national owned shops need to close.

Schooling will be disrupted for one day, say members

“Schools, today, are not going to open. But tomorrow they will be open to continue with their education.”

Chairperson of the Dudula Movement Msyza

Certain residents in Alexandra were left with many answered questions due to the Dudula Movement. They believed that the movement was not aimed at residents but rather at traders.

Police increase presence as Dudula Movement members persist

The South African Police Services (SAPS) have already arrested three individuals in the township. Both SAPS and the Johannesburg Metro Police are now positioned at various hotspots to calm the ongoing friction.

Officers are patrolling the township on foot to ensure that people feel safe enough to go to work and continue trading. EWN reports that Johannesburg District Commissioner Major General Max Masha spoke about the patrolling.

“Our members are everywhere and yes the community noted the call and we’re thankful to them for supporting law and order and not supporting lawlessness,” he revealed.

Dudula Movement members want South Africans to be on top of lists in terms of employment.

Social media users discuss #OperationDudula

#OperationDudula has been filling up with tweets as South Africans discuss the ongoing protests and the Dudula Movement.

@Sentlese wrote:

These #OperationDudula thugs shut down hair salons of a Mozambican chap in Alex who’s in the county legally but allow a Pakistani cellphone shop to continue trading. These are a bunch of thugs who should be dealt with decisively. This nonsense must be allowed to continue.

@Themba51760567 said on the Dudula Movement:

Putting South Africans first is no hate on foreigners. It is a right every South African deserves. If we do NOT have enough, South Africans must not be overtaken by any foreigner. #MyANC pretends this is a favour to cover their failures. #VoetsekANC #OperationDudula