Drivers recorded mounting sidewalks to avoid traffic closures spark outrage

Drivers recorded mounting sidewalks to avoid traffic closures spark outrage

A week after it was reported to Ealing council, a Twitter video revealed that drivers were still driving recklessly and illegally on the sidewalk in front of people’s homes to dodge road restrictions.

The video posted on Twitter showed that drivers are still carelessly and illegally driving on the pavement in front of people's homes to avoid road closures a week later
In Southall, Ealing, West London, a series of motorists continued to disregard the restricted road signs, endangering the safety of some schoolchildren.

The open pathway was rendered useless not only for residents, but also for children visiting Beaconsfield Road’s Beaconsfield Primary School.

People feared for the safety of students walking to school since vehicles continued to engage in selfish behavior despite the council’s efforts to close the road.

A week after road closures, cars are still driving recklessly and illegally on the sidewalk in front of residents’ homes, as evidenced by a Twitter video.

The footage was released to Twitter on January 4, 2023, causing social media users to fear for the safety of pedestrians and their children.

One Twitter user remarked, “It’s incredible, Jeff. Some poor youngster is going to get killed.’Motorists drive on the open pathway in West London leaving it redundant to not only residents but the children attending Beaconsfield Primary School

Another social media user commented, “Wowwww, all of these drivers should be banned for life. What outrageously irresponsible conduct!’

The brief video shows at least six vehicles utilizing the sidewalk to avoid the roadwork, but only one red four-by-four obeyed the detour.

At the end of the video, a motorist on a bicycle can be seen passing another motorist as a line of automobiles forms behind them.

West London residents as well as Beaconsfield Primary School students are unable to use the open pathway due to the presence of automobiles on it.

Instead of following the detour, unlawfully driving on the sidewalk, automobiles like this one drove around it.Cars such as this one wouldn't drive around and follow the diversion but instead they used the pavement to drive on illegally

The short video shows six vehicles utilizing the sidewalk to avoid the roadwork, while only one red four-by-four followed the detour.

After the council was informed of the illegal driving, the path was blocked off, but it was later removed without our permission.

A representative for Ealing Council stated, ‘Affinity Water installed suitable “no entry” signage that covered the carriageway area, and the council blocked the footpath once we became aware of this driver behavior.

However, these were removed, and reckless and insensitive motorists continued to endanger the lives of pedestrians by driving on the sidewalk.

This risky behavior was reported to the police. The construction was finished earlier this week.The short video showed six cars by-passing the roadworks and using the pavement while only one red four by four followed the diversion

The offense brings a fee and penalty points, but if it is regarded as reckless or dangerous driving, it can result in disqualification, an infinite fine, and even jail.

Rule 145 of the Highway Code states, “You MAY NOT drive on or over a pavement, footpath, or bridleway except to gain legal access to a property or in an emergency.”

A week earlier, on Thursday, December 29, 2022, people had captured a similar scene of mayhem on camera.

Last week, drivers in Southall, West London, disregarded road restriction signs and drove on the sidewalk.

Last week, the automobiles are filmed driving in a constant line, one behind the other, down the path.

A few days earlier, further footage recorded a guy reprimanding irresponsible vehicles for disobeying the signage.

As he obstructed the walkway in front of him, the enraged pedestrian attempted to make the motorist reverse back down the path. He maintained his position and gestured at the vehicle till they turned around.

Another depicted individuals moving traffic cones to make place for automobiles, vans, and motorcycles.


»Drivers recorded mounting sidewalks to avoid traffic closures spark outrage«

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