Driver Fined for Parking 30cm Over Girlfriend’s Driveway in Port Adelaide

Driver Fined for Parking 30cm Over Girlfriend’s Driveway in Port Adelaide

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Man Fined for Parking Slightly Over Girlfriend’s Driveway

A man was recently fined $90 for parking his car slightly over his girlfriend’s driveway by the Port Adelaide council.


The driver was surprised by the fine and took a photo of his car parked on the street, showing that it barely encroached on his girlfriend’s driveway.

He posted the photo on Adelaide Reddit and asked if anyone had experienced anything similar.

The photo, taken on April 10, shows the man's car barely encroaching on his girlfriend's driveway
The photo, taken on April 10, shows the man’s car barely encroaching on his girlfriend’s driveway

Mixed Responses from Adelaide Reddit Users

The post garnered mixed reactions from Adelaide Reddit users.

Some expressed sympathy for the driver and suggested contesting the fine, as he was not obstructing the driveway and was visiting the residents of the said driveway.

However, others were less sympathetic and claimed that the driver was clearly in the wrong, citing the council’s website that a vehicle can park up to the edge of a driveway but not across it.

Controversy Surrounding the Fine

The incident has sparked controversy about whether the fine was justified or not.


Some argue that it is a trivial issue and that the council is just trying to make money.

Others believe that parking across driveways is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

Meanwhile, the Port Adelaide council has not commented on the matter.

It is essential to follow parking regulations and be considerate of other people’s property, including their driveways.

While it may seem like a minor issue, parking across a driveway can cause inconvenience to the residents and may even block emergency vehicles from accessing the property.

It is advisable to park legally and avoid unnecessary fines.


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