Driver drove a kilometer to flee assailants after the vehicle was shot up in Revesby

Driver drove a kilometer to flee assailants after the vehicle was shot up in Revesby

A teenage hairdresser has been named as the second victim of the heinous gangland shooting that killed two moms.

On Saturday night, two ladies, aged 48 and 39, were shot dead in a silver Toyota 4WD on Hendy St, Panania in Sydney’s west, with police claiming that Sydney criminals ‘throw out the rules’ by targeting women.Three burnt out cars were found in surrounding suburbs which are all now undergoing forensic examination

The horrifying moment bullets went out on a suburban street in the ‘planned’ and ‘targeted’ assault has been recorded on home surveillance camera.
On Sunday, NSW Police reported that the driver of the Toyota managed to depart the scene, driving less than a kilometer away to adjacent Weston Street in Revesby before calling 911.

Lameta Fadlallah, 48, was the girlfriend of a known underworld figure who died at the site.

Amy Hazouri, 39, was a hairdresser who was transported to Liverpool Hospital and proclaimed dead.Emergency services were called to Weston Street in Revesby about 8.50pm on Saturday night amid reports of a double shootingA car was found burnt out in the nearby suburb of Panania but police are still working to establish whether there is a link between the two incidentA car was found burnt out in the nearby suburb of Panania but police are still working to establish whether there is a link between the two incidents

One neighbor recalled the scary moment he watched three automobiles hurry down the street and emergency personnel rush to help the ladies. ‘When the first police vehicle arrived, the two males stepped out, and things calmed down,’ he said.

‘Right immediately, things settled down. These two cops proceeded to work on the woman, got out of the vehicle, and worked so hard on her.’

A 16-year-old girl was also in the vehicle and was ‘very scared,’ but unharmed.

All four persons in the automobile are thought to be casual acquaintances.

NSW Police Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty said at a news conference on Sunday that the assault looked to be ‘planned,’ with the ladies targeted because of their ‘previous affiliations and links.’

‘This is a heinous assault on two ladies.’ They have been killed. It was a premeditated murder, an assassination, and it occurred on a Sydney street,’ he claimed.

‘By any measure, that is unacceptable. It’s really unprecedented. And we’re committed to find out what’s going on for the family.’ Ms Fadlallah was the girlfriend of Helal Safi, a known stand-over man and drug dealer who died in January last year at the age of 45.

The 200kg underworld figure was discovered dead in his Sydney residence soon after his release after being stabbed 42 times in prison.

It’s possible that Ms Fadlallah knew knowledge that others wished to keep quiet.

Ms Hazouri’s colleagues at her Bankstown salon paid a heartfelt tribute on Sunday, saying they were’shattered’ to learn of her sudden passing.

‘We are heartbroken, our hearts are crushed, you left us much too soon,’ said the tribute.

‘May your memories last forever… till we meet again.’

Ms Hazouri was a well-known hairstylist who specialized in wedding styles.

According to Mr Doherty, the assaults violated a ‘unwritten code’ among organized criminals of ‘not touching ladies or family.’

‘There used to be an unspoken rule that you don’t touch families or ladies. That has been tossed out the window; they no longer care,’ he remarked.

‘They don’t care if you’re male or female. Every rule book has been thrown aside, which is troubling.’

Despite having all the symptoms of a gangland shooting, police said it was too early to tell if this was merely the latest in a long line of incidents.

Three burned-out autos were discovered in the neighboring suburbs and are currently being forensically examined.

‘This unique, heinous act must be judged on its own merits,’ Mr Doherty added.

‘This is a well-planned, deliberate murder.’ That worries us. We can’t escape the truth that this is extraordinary and unprecedented.’

The police are asking for the public’s assistance.

‘We want to know the answers as much as you do.’ The timeframe that transpired is critical for us. All we can say is that it was a very violent, horrifying incident in which two ladies were shot dead in a vehicle,’ Mr Doherty added.

‘We should all be shocked that two ladies were killed in an extraordinary assault.’ Whether or whether there are linkages to organized crime is part of the inquiry.

‘There is no indication of any connection to the present war, therefore we are considering this on its own merits, and the reason remains unknown.’ We need that information.’

A burned-out automobile was discovered in the adjacent district of Panania, although authorities are still investigating if there is a relation between the two occurrences.

Revesby is in the epicenter of Sydney’s ongoing gangland battle.

Several crime scenes have been set up around the region, with the Homicide Squad and local area command collaborating to investigate.

Anyone with information, dashcam footage, or CCTV is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000.

»Driver drove a kilometer to flee assailants after the vehicle was shot up in Revesby«

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