Dramatic dashcam footage has emerged of a driver jumping out of his vehicle to save a child sitting in a runaway trolley

Dramatic dashcam footage of a man stepping out of his car to save a toddler in a runaway trolley has surfaced.

In the video, a man is seen maneuvering his vehicle through the Queensland’s Albany Creek Village retail center’s parking lot.

When an unattended trolley carrying a little boy in the child seat wheels across the parking lot, he stops abruptly.

As the trolley approaches the front of his car, the driver exits his car.

Before the cart moves deeper into the parking lot and picks up speed, he dashes over and quickly grabs the handle.

The man consoles him and turns the cart around, appearing to search for the child’s parents.

He continues to comfort the small kid while he moves the trolley back in the direction it came from.

Dash cam viewers shared their surprise and amusement at the peculiar event.

One of them exclaimed, “Wow, nice saving fellow citizen, that kid rolling along on the trolley.”

Another person said, “It’s great to know there are still kind people in the world; the kid enjoyed his trolley dash.”

Two respondents advocated a trolley ban as a more serious response to the predicament.

“Good God. One person said, “I absolutely hate trolleys in parking lots; I wish they would outlaw the dang things and force people to carry their bags, or at least put in place a means to hold people accountable if they flee and wreck cars or are left in parking spaces.

When finished with them, “so many self-centered idiots do not return them to the bays.”

The deployment of CCTV cameras by supermarkets to “monitor who has trolleys and what they do with them and then start issuing blanket parking lot restrictions” was suggested by another.

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