Dozens of drivers are stranded in floodwater and warned to keep off the roads

Dozens of drivers are stranded in floodwater and warned to keep off the roads

Approximately 20 automobiles were submerged in floodwater on the A27 in West Sussex Friday night as a result of a severe deluge that produced a month’s worth of rainfall in less than 48 hours.Around 20 cars were stuck in both directions of the A27 in West Sussex between Fishbourne and Havant, as firefighters worked to free occupants

The UK is expected to experience “miserable conditions” over the next two days, and motorists are cautioned to keep off the roads as vehicles have become submerged in floodwaters caused by rain.

The A27 between Emsworth and Chichester was stopped in both ways yesterday evening while the West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service attempted to extricate flooded vehicles.

The service tweeted: “A27 CLOSED in both directions from Fishbourne, Chichester to Havant.” Approximately 20 automobiles are submerged in floodwater.

We are tremendously occupied with several flood-related occurrences, such as rescuing people from vehicles and dealing with flooding in buildings.

The Met Office has issued weather advisories as a belt of rain, which arrived in Cornwall on Wednesday afternoon and will reach Scotland’s east coast on Friday, progresses through the country.


A car is one of around 20 that lay stranded on the A27 in west Sussex after heavy rainfall last night


Between Fishbourne and Havant on the A27 in West Sussex, over 20 vehicles were stalled in both directions as firefighters tried to release their occupants.

Approximately 20 vehicles are stalled on the A27 in west Sussex following last night’s severe downpour.

After floodwaters breached a riverbank in West Sussex, metal fences were twisted out of shape.

West Sussex Fire & Rescue tweeted: “A27 CLOSED in both directions between Fishbourne, Chichester, and Havant.” Approximately 20 automobiles are submerged in floodwaters.Metal railings were twisted out of shape after floodwaters burst a river bank in West Sussex

The forecaster issued a yellow warning for rain, stating that conditions may be “horrendous” in parts of the United Kingdom, while the Scottish highlands may experience snow.

“Police are on the site, and the road in both directions is closed.” We are deploying specialized equipment to assist in bringing individuals to safety. ‘AVOID THE AREA and travel only when essential.’

And the travel service Romanse advised motorists of ‘severe delays’ on the A27 and A3M near Havant, Hampshire, due to floods caused by the rain.

Additionally, police in Winchester, Hampshire, have reported that a large tree has fallen and blocked a road in Swanmore.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Environment Agency had issued three flood warnings and 43 flood alerts, largely along the south coast.

At 5 p.m., the Met Office will issue its first weather warning for an area ranging from Southampton and the Isle of Wight in Hampshire to the coast of Kent until 6 a.m. on Thursday.

Forecasters warn that roads, residences, and businesses may be flooded, as well as transportation services.

On Thursday, from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m., a second yellow rain warning is issued for a vast portion of the United Kingdom.

Cars were spotted driving through heavy floodwater as half an inch of rain fell across Britain



Automobiles were observed driving over significant floodwater as a half-inch of rain poured across the United Kingdom.

This street in West Sussex was flooded, which caused a sewer to overflow.

A vehicle became submerged in floodwater after a riverbank in West Sussex burst owing to heavy rains.

This region includes Birmingham, Lincoln, and Hull, as well as north Wales, Liverpool, and Manchester, as well as the east coast up to the Scottish border.

The Met Office says that there is a slight danger of homes and businesses flooding, towns being briefly cut off by flooded roads, and transportation difficulties due to the rain.Floodwater caused a sewer to be overwhelmed on this street in West Sussex

A third warning will go into effect at 3 p.m. on Thursday and remain in effect until 6 p.m. on Friday for the east coast of Scotland, from the English border to Aberdeen, with similar flood and transportation disruption hazards.

Craig Snell, a spokeswoman for the Met Office, stated, ‘The warning zones are where we are most concerned about the possibility of floods, but that doesn’t mean that the places outside of them won’t experience dreadful conditions.’

Mr. Snell stated that a warning has been issued for the southeast because ‘it has been quite rainy there since the start of November, with several locations already receiving more than their monthly rainfall’

He said that conditions are “still going to be very nasty for the entire south” and Londoners would experience a “unpleasant travel home this evening,” but the rain will have moved out of the region by Thursday morning.

Mr. Snell said that the midlands and northern regions of England will see a “very dismal day” on Thursday due to the overnight rain.

The rain will be accompanied by a gusty breeze, so the weather will not be pleasant.

However, he noted that Scotland might have “two days of steady rain,” which could result in snowfall in the highlands, though this is not uncommon for November.

Tomorrow, if you take a walk in the hills of Scotland, you may encounter snow, but at lower elevations it will be rain, he said.

Rod Dennis, spokesman for the RAC’s breakdown service, advised motorists to “take extreme caution” during wet weather.

‘The likelihood of being involved in a collision increases dramatically in wet weather, and even more so in snowy conditions, so it’s vital that drivers slow down, leave plenty of space behind the vehicle in front of them, and use their lights to make themselves easily visible to other drivers,’ he said.

Aquaplaning, which occurs when a vehicle’s wheels lose contact with the road as they skim across standing water, will be a significant hazard, especially for drivers who do not reduce their speed appropriately for the conditions.


»Dozens of drivers are stranded in floodwater and warned to keep off the roads«

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