Does Season 1 of ‘Andor’ Have an End Credits Scene? Explaining the ‘Andor’ End Credits

Does Season 1 of ‘Andor’ Have an End Credits Scene? Explaining the ‘Andor’ End Credits

Over the course of 12 episodes, Andor posed a multitude of inquiries. It posed important concerns, such as “what does it mean to rebel?” and “do the aims justify the means?” It also posed several questions regarding human autonomy, the nature of evil, the role of government and religion in our lives, and so on. It posed all Star Wars-related questions, leaving us curious about story aspects and character moments.

So, what did the Season 1 conclusion of Andor reveal? Certainly, it answered at least one pressing question. The remaining questions will be solved in Season 2. However, you will have to search for the answer to your burning question, and we can advise you where to seek.

Does the season 1 finale of Andor include a post-credits scene?

Yes, and this distinguishes Andor from nearly every previous Star Wars television season. This program consistently keeps you on your toes! Also, this is not a mid-credits scene. This scenario occurs after the end credits have played. Continue reading to see what occurs in this scenario. SPOILERS ahead.

What occurs after the credits in the season finale of Andor?

It begins with a close-up of a mechanical arm sparking and working on a mystery piece of technology. The camera then pans out to see three spider-dog-like robots rotating around an axis, potentially welding or securing it in place. The axis point is located at the intersection of a number of black, triangular panels; it resembles a TIE wing. It’s not so.

The camera continues to zoom out, revealing that this part of sections is only one of many, many sections, each of which has more four-legged robots transporting the joints to their goal.

Clearly, the convicts on Narkina 5 were constructing joints throughout their labor sessions.

The camera pulls back more and farther until we can see where all of this is occurring. It turns out that this scenario takes place on the Death Star’s unfinished, skeleton eye. The inmates on Narkina 5 were constructing couplings that apparently link millions of panels within the huge, circular point from which the Death Star’s planet-destroying laser beam emanates.

Walt Disney Company/courtesy of the Everett Collection’

Intriguingly, that is the identical Death Star component that we saw being assembled in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (above). Therefore, it is a beautiful bit of symmetry and foreshadowing to see that famous Death Star component being constructed five years before Rogue One.

It makes a lot of sense that this is what they were constructing on Narkina 5, as it has already been proven that whatever the convicts were creating must have been vital to the Empire. It must have been of sufficient importance for them to establish an intricate jail system, and it must have been of such importance for the Empire to slaughter an entire floor of employees rather than risk their insurrection.

Will Cassian Andor discover what he constructed within the prison?

We must wait until Season 2 to find out, but it seems unimportant whether or not he ever discovers that he was creating Death Star components. The jail itself, the fact that he was caught for no apparent reason, the fact that he and his fellow inmates had little prospect of ever seeing the outside world again, and the fact that the Empire tortured and murdered its captives constituted the plot arc. Cassian’s hatred towards the Empire will not increase if he learns that they constructed a portion of the Death Star. They were all aware that they were constructing something significant, and if it is significant to the Empire, it must be immensely nasty.

When will the second season of Andor premiere on Disney+?

Unfortunately, it appears that we will have to wait quite a while for Season 2. Season 2 production has already begun, but is not projected to conclude until the summer of 2023. After all, they do have 12 episodes to film, and we are all acutely aware of the scope of these episodes. After then, showrunner Tony Gilroy anticipates a year’s worth of post-production, which implies that Season 2 will likely not air until sometime in 2024.


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