Doctors Network says there is little trust that government can make NHI work

Doctors Network says there is little trust that government can make NHI work

The Solidarity Doctors Network says it believes there is little trust in South Africa that the ANC-led government will be able to make the National Health Insurance (NHI) work.

Government proposed the NHI over a decade ago, to ensure that everyone gets access to quality healthcare, regardless of their wealth status. However, the network is skeptical and Board Member Dr Angelique Coetzee said money issues will be the biggest impediment to making the NHI work.

Dr Angelique Coetzee shares more on the network’s skepticism:

“So, if we look at the current HR component of doctors in the public sector, we know that there’s not enough doctors, especially specialists. There’s not enough money to employ medical officers, there’s not enough money, to train registrars into speciality posts.”

NHI will address inequality in healthcare

The Health Department’s Deputy Director General (DG) Nicholas Crisp says the NHI is aimed at fixing the inequalities that exist in South Africa’s health system.

The ANC initiated the idea of the NHI in 2007 saying it wanted to broaden access to medical treatment in a country where at least 72% of the population relies on a public system with too few doctors and dilapidated facilities.

Dr Crisp says government wants to have a single system that everyone can participate in.

“We have an extremely inequitable health care system in South Africa. We have a completely parallel system, where the private sector and the public sector function as if they’re in different countries and we have a huge amount of resources that we haven’t managed to harness. We want to have one system, where we will all participate, and we get the help because we need the healthcare, not because we’ve got money to pay for it, or we’ve got influence in the system.”

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