Despite the challenges, Bunny Hedaya and husband pursue their goals

Despite the challenges, Bunny Hedaya and husband pursue their goals

Bunny Hedaya’s husband, Harry Hedaya, was born in October 1967 and has lived in several cities within the state, including Hillsboro Beach, Ruskin, Tampa, Lakeland, North Port, Key West, and Sarasota.

His first company was Remac, an asphalt maintenance company that specialized in crack filling, parking lot spring, seal coating, and pothole repair.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Harry spent almost six years as the president of Remac.

In 2007, he also established and served as the president of an organization called The Loan Corporation.

Currently, he is holding the director position at National Settlement Services.

Harry has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and owns and operates several businesses in staffing, financial services, small business marketing, and communications.

Bunny Hedaya, also known as Bunny Barbie, is an influencer who faced a cease-and-desist by Mattel for using the word ‘Barbie’ in her name.

She changed her username and revealed her real name, potentially risking her privacy and that of her family.


Bunny Hedaya was born on November 15, 1990, in Albany, New York, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

She began her social media career in 2020 and has achieved incredible success on all fronts in only a couple of years.

Bunny is also into reality television and has started a clothing brand called Bunzie.

Her net worth is approximately around 2.1 million dollars, and she has 204K followers on Instagram.

In conclusion, Harry Hedaya has a successful career as an entrepreneur, and Bunny Hedaya is a popular social media personality who faced legal issues with the use of the word ‘Barbie’ in her name.

Despite the challenges they faced, both continue to pursue their passions and succeed in their respective fields.


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