Despite her superstar status, Lady Gaga enjoys being alone

Despite her superstar status, Lady Gaga enjoys being alone

Lady Gaga, one of the most famous people in the world, prefers to keep her inner circle small. The 13-time Grammy winner values her alone time and enjoys her own company so much that she has no plans of changing that.
She expressed her interest in living a life of solitude in a recent interview with Wallpaper magazine. Gaga finds it nice to have time to herself, to be expansive, and know that she is enough.

When she was younger, Gaga spent a lot of time alone writing music. But as she became more successful, she felt like she needed other people to tell her she was great.

Despite her immense success, Gaga’s intentions with music have always been about the craft and not the rewards that come with it. She got a tattoo of a quote from “Letters to a Young Poet” by Rainer Maria Rilke on her arm that reads, “Must I write?” It serves as a reminder to always prioritize her love for music.

Gaga said that if she wasn’t successful in the way that she is today, she would still be doing music. She doesn’t spend a lot of time in Hollywood, and her red carpet appearances during award season might make it seem like she does. Instead, she’s happiest when she’s at home working on her craft.

This isn’t the first time Gaga has spoken about fame. During a 2016 live performance in London, she told fans that money, beauty, and her celebrity status had put her on a pedestal.

She believes that the most important things in life are love and kindness, not celebrity or fame. With her album “Joanne,” she wanted to remind her fans and the world of this fact.


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