Democratic Alliance Criticizes Cabinet’s Adoption of Healthcare Measures: Opposing the National Health Insurance System

Democratic Alliance Criticizes Cabinet’s Adoption of Healthcare Measures: Opposing the National Health Insurance System

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Democratic Alliance Criticizes Cabinet’s Adoption of Healthcare Measures


Opposition to Changes in Healthcare System and National Health Insurance

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has expressed its condemnation of the Cabinet’s decision to adopt measures aimed at recalibrating the health system and expediting the implementation of the National Health Insurance (NHI) system.

The DA raises concerns about specific changes, such as the redefinition of “migrant” to encompass all non-citizens, including illegal foreigners, granting them access to the same healthcare as legal residents.

One of the key objections raised by the DA is the strain that the proposed NHI Bill would place on the economy.

The party highlights the lack of feasibility studies and impact assessments, particularly in light of the post-COVID-19 economic landscape.

According to DA Shadow Minister of Health, Michele Clark, the prevailing economic circumstances, levels of corruption, and the quality of current healthcare must be taken into consideration before proceeding with such a significant reform.

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President Cyril Ramaphosa, in his speech at the Presidential Health Summit, emphasized the need for a well-funded health system to achieve the vision of the NHI.

However, the DA remains resolute in its opposition to the Bill and plans to oppose it in the National Council of Provinces.

The party argues that without a financial certificate of approval or budget approval from the Minister of Finance, the Bill lacks validity and constitutionality.

The objective of the NHI is to ensure that all South Africans have access to quality healthcare services, regardless of their socio-economic status or geographical location.

It aims to address health disparities and alleviate the financial burden of healthcare expenses for individuals and families.


The Democratic Alliance’s critique of the Cabinet’s decision sheds light on the party’s concerns about the proposed healthcare measures and the NHI system.

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They question the economic feasibility and the lack of comprehensive assessments in the post-COVID-19 context.


While the government emphasizes the need for a well-funded health system, the DA emphasizes the importance of considering the prevailing economic conditions, corruption levels, and the quality of current healthcare services.

The party’s commitment to opposing the Bill in the National Council of Provinces and their request for financial approval from the Minister of Finance reflect their determination to challenge the legislation.

The DA’s concerns highlight the complexities and challenges involved in implementing a comprehensive healthcare reform like the NHI.

Ultimately, the objective of the NHI to provide equitable access to quality healthcare services for all South Africans remains a crucial goal.

However, finding a sustainable and feasible approach that takes into account the economic realities and addresses existing healthcare challenges is a critical task that requires careful consideration and planning.

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