Delta State University (DELSU) Change of Course Form

Delta State University (DELSU) Change of Course Form


Candidates who met the cut-off mark for their respective courses but were not admitted due to quota are hereby notified, and those who did not meet the cut-off are notified of vacancies in the courses listed below.

DELSU Cut-Off Marks, Available Programmes & Requirements

Limiting Marks:

CUTOFF Accounting and Finance Department

50 Agribusiness Management 40 Agric. Economics 40 Agric. Education 40 Agric. Extension 40 Agric.

Animal and Environmental Biology forty-eight Animal Science forty-eight Banking and Finance

45 Biochemistry 48 Biochemistry Technology 45 Biological Technology 45 Biology Education 40 Biotechnology 50 Botany 40 Business Administration 50 Business Education 40 Chemical Engineering 45 Chemistry 40 Chemistry Education 40 Chemistry Technology 40 Civil Engineering 50 Computer Education 40 Computer Science 52 Crop Science 40 Early Childhood Education 45 Biochemistry 48 Biochemistry Technology 45 Biological Technology 45 Biology Education 40 Biotechnology 50 Botany 40 Business Administration 50 Business Education 40 Chemical Engineering 45 Chemistry 40 Chemistry Education 40

40 Economics 46 Economics Education 40 Educational Management (Econ.) 40 Educational Management (History & Int.

45 English Instruction 45 Entrepreneurship 50 Fine & Applied Arts 45 Fine Art Instruction 40 Fishing 40 Forestry & Wildlife 40 French

40 Geography & Regional Planning 40 Geography Education 40 Geology 40 Guidance & Counseling Edu. 40 Health & Safety Education 40 History & Inter.

47 History Education 40 Home Economics Education 40 Human Kinetics, Recreation and Sports Sci. 40 Integrated Science Education 40 Industrial Chemistry 40 Industrial Mathematics 40 Law 62 Library & Information Science Education 40 Linguistics 45 Linguistics / Urhobo 40 Marketing 42 Mass Communication 52 Mathematics 40 Mathematics Education 40 Mechanical Engineering 50 Medical Biochemistry 48 Medical Laboratory Science 60 Medicine & Surgery 72 Microbiology 48 Music 40 Musi
Political Science Instruction forty
Psychology 45
Administration, Public 40
Religious Studies
40 Religious Studies Curriculum
Education in the Social Sciences (Social Studies) 40 Sociology 45
40 Soil Science (Agriculture)
Technical Instruction forty
Theatre Studies 48

Available Programmes:

S/N Department\sAgriculture
1. Agriculture/Agric. Economics 2 Animal Science 3. Fisheries
Forestry and Wildlife
5 Plant Soil Science (Agronomy)
6 Agric. Business Management
1. Language and Literature
2 Fine & Applied Arts
3. French
History & International Studies
5 Linguistics/Urhobo
6 Linguistics
7. Music Eight Philosophical Studies
10. Theatre Studies
Faculty of Health Sciences
Anatomical and Cellular Biology
The second Medical Biochemistry
3 Pharmacology
4. Physiology\sEducation
Agriculture Education versus Biology Education
Business Instruction
chemistry education followed by computer education then economic education
7. English Education Eight Fine Arts Education
Geography Instruction
11. Direction and Counseling
Health Instruction
History Instruction
14. Domestic Science Education
Educational Administration Computer Science Education)
Educational Administration (Economics)
Educational Administration Historiography and Global Studies
18 Education Administration Political Science)
19 Combined Science
Mathematical Instruction
21 Musical Instruction
22 Health and Physical Education
23 Education in Physics 24 Education in Political Science
Religious Instruction
26 Social Science Curriculum (Social Studies)
Technical Instruction
Early Childhood Development (Nursery and Primary Education)
Chemical Engineering followed by Petroleum Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering
5 Electrical/Electronics Engineering
Management Science 1 Financial Management
2 marketing 3 administration of public affairs 4 entrepreneurship
5 Administrative and Information Technology
6 Accounting\sScience
1. Animal and Ecological Biology
(2) Biochemistry (3) Botany (4) Chemistry (5) Geology (7) Industrial mathematics (8) Mathematics (9) Medical laboratory science
ten biotechnology eleven microbiology twelve physics thirteen science laboratory technology
1. Geography and Regional Planning 2. Psychology 3. Economics 4. Mass Communication 5. Political Science 6. Sociology.

NOTE: In order to be eligible for transfer into the courses stated above, candidates are expected to have taken the JAMB topics specified below.

How to Apply for the DELSU Course Change Form

Candidates who wish to be considered for the posted vacancies must adhere to the following application instructions:

Transfer the payment of N5,000 for the course change to the following account information:
Account Title: DELSU Net Income Account Number: 1012233419 Bank: Zenith Bank Plc
Visit the University’s portal at of course.aspx fill out the application form
Scan and submit the following files:
JAMB result slip O-Level results the N5,000 application teller

Before submitting a course change request to JAMB, candidates MUST await a mandate from the university


»Delta State University (DELSU) Change of Course Form«

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