DC lady discovers brazen auto thieves got at least TEN fines after taking her vehicle

DC lady discovers brazen auto thieves got at least TEN fines after taking her vehicle

After the vehicle was taken, a woman in Washington, DC claims the city is refusing to drop all 10 unpaid parking charges totaling over $1,750.

Catherine Brenner faces over $7,000 in vandalism-related damages, and the local DMV refuses to assist her financial strain.

In June, Brenner’s Honda Civic was taken from a parking spot near her apartment building; she reported, “I stepped behind my building and looked, and my car was gone.”

The thief was then issued citations from red light cameras, speed cameras, and a parking penalty.

Brenner correctly states, upon examining the evidence, “I am not the driver in any of these photographs”

Brenner’s HOA president handed her security camera footage of the break-in, which depicted a man hotwiring her car and fleeing within three minutes, which she described as “like a dagger to the heart.”

She filed a report with the local police and requested alerts on citations from the DMV; the first one arrived nine days later.

Brenner stated, “I went to that street myself to determine whether or not my vehicle was still there.” Unfortunately, it was not. However, I located it within forty-eight hours after that ticket.’

Inside the Honda Civic, she discovered clothing, cigarette burns, and a gunshot casing, with total damage exceeding $7,000

The tickets began to pile up at that point. She stated, “After I received the first ticket, five more tickets arrived by email later that day.”

Ten days after receiving the first fine, she received a total of four more, for a total of ten, with the fines totaling $1,750.

Brenner stated, “The investigator I’ve been working with told me I could contest all the tickets and they would be deleted from my account, so I wouldn’t have to worry.”

However, three months following her appeal, the DC DMV had only removed one point from her account.

WUSA reached out to the DC DMV. A spokeswoman requested Brenner’s information, but provided no reason.

However, within the next twenty-four hours, they dropped four of the tickets, leaving five outstanding.

Brenner stated, “I feel as though this has been haunting and looming over me the entire time.” And I truly want it to disappear.’

According to the city’s data, violent crime is really down five percent in Washington in 2022, while overall crime is down four percent.

»DC lady discovers brazen auto thieves got at least TEN fines after taking her vehicle«

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