Darrell Brooks says his comments are worth ‘a good amount’

Darrell Brooks says his comments are worth ‘a good amount’

During a weird jail interview, the psychopath who murdered six people by plowing his vehicle into the Waukesha Christmas parade attempted to extort money from The Post.

During a video “televisit” with The Post, Brooks hid from an iPad camera inside his cell in the Waukesha County jail only two days before he was sentenced to six consecutive life sentences in prison.

In Brooks’ absence, the camera captured a shouting guy in an adjacent cell, who strained to catch a glimpse of the reporter. The guy exclaimed, “Nobody is going to talk to you, clout chaser!”

After 15 minutes of silence, Brooks, 40, posed as a “family friend” and spoke in the third person while appearing as a “family friend.”

“If you want to speak with Mr. Brooks, you’ll have to pay him a cheque,” he announced.

A video still of the claimed vehicle driven by Brooks during the 2021 Waukesha parade.

“I would have to ask him [how much], but I’m certain it will be a considerable sum. I don’t believe it’s fair for him to conduct interviews without receiving anything.

“All I can tell is that if you wish to interview, you will be required to pay. Have a wonderful day! Before staying silent for the duration of the 25-minute video conversation, he remarked, “God bless you.”

The Post does not compensate interview participants.

Later, Lt. Pierre Burgess of the Waukesha County Jail Division inspected the camera tape and confirmed that Brooks was alone in his cell for the duration of the phone call.

Next a sad tragedy, firefighters and police officers sweep Main Street the following morning.

On Monday, it will have been a year after Brooks plowed over 60 people down with his Ford SUV in Wisconsin.

Brooks, who represented himself at his October trial, oscillated between insane, frightening, and contrite. At one point, Judge Jennifer Dorrow of the Waukesha County Circuit Court was so concerned by his scowling that she sent him to a different courtroom.

According to Brooks’ family, he has been bipolar since he was 12 years old.

After plowing into a crowd, the suspect’s vehicle was discovered.
Wisconsin State Crime Lab

Brooks had advocated for violence against police officers and white people on social media before to the violence. Brooks reportedly referred to himself as a “terrorist” and a “killer in the city” in his rap lyrics.

Brooks sobbed during his sentencing, saying, “I want you to know that I am not only sorry for what occurred, but I am also sad that you cannot see what is actually in my heart and the regret in my heart.”

Brooks’s apologies were not accepted by the families of the four women, one male, and eight-year-old kid he murdered.

Brooks objects to the evidence as he appears by video from a courtroom next to the one in which he was taken by the judge.

“Bless Brooks, he will never hold his grandson. My family will never get the opportunity to give my mother a final embrace. You murdered my mum. Marshall Sorenson, the 79-year-old son of Virginia Sorenson, requested that his mother be sentenced to life without parole.

“You have the chutzpah to claim a clean conscience. This is why you hear the terms monster and devil,” said Chris Owen, whose 71-year-old mother Leanna Owen was murdered while dancing with the Dancing Grannies group. “I understand your motivation. You did this because you were not confined… All I can request is that you decay slowly.”


»Darrell Brooks says his comments are worth ‘a good amount’«

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